Stampe Vertongen SV-4B (pre-war production/Weermacht/Force Publique)


Pre-War SV-4b V-41 Force publique

Photo Désiré Maertens 


Stampe Vertongen SV-4B V-43 Force Publique

Jean Michotte Collection


All but for one of the pre-war Aéronautique Militaire 24 SV-4b's managed to escape from Belgium in the early

days of May 1940. They all were transferred to the French authorities at Oran La Sénia (Algeria).

Most of these aircraft saw service with the Armée de l'Air but a small number was transferred to the

Weermacht/Force Publique in Belgian Congo. Unfortunately no tie-up with the pre-war serials is known. 





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