Spad S.XIII C1

Spad S.XIII SP-9

Spad S.XIII C1 SP-9 of N 6 Squadron (Red Cocotte) of  II Groupe/2 Groupement around 1925 at Nivelles airbase.

At that time the Squadron was equipped with Nieuport Delage NiD29 C.1 fighters and the Spad was probably used as Squadron hack.


Spad XIII + Georges Bouvy


Pilot Georges Bouvy in front of Spad XIII S-16 at Nivelles airfield immediately after the first World War.



Spad Sp-22 of N 10 Squadron based at De Moeren/Les Mores airfield in 1918.


Spad S.XIII SP-33


In this ground collision a taxiing DH.4 ran into the parked Spad S.XIII C1 Sp-33 of pilot Lang after the meeting of Evere.


Spad XIII Sp-36


Student pilot Jules "Ket" Brandts poses in visiting Spad XIII C.1 Sp-36 of n 10th Squadron "Comet" at the Pilot School at Asch airfield in 1921.


Spad XIII SP-49


Spad XIII C.1 SP-49 parked next to the Zeppelin hangar at Evere in June 1919.

This aircraft was already earmaked for preservation in 1919 and today can still be admired at the Brussels' Royal Army Museum.






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