Alexander”Sacha" Petrovsky

Alexander ”Sacha" Petrovsky in front of a Nieuport 23 fighter during the first World War.

Guy Van de Merckt Collection

Alexander”Sacha" Petrovsky was born in St. Petersburg on 21st December 1885. His father, Sergei Ivanovich Petrovsky, was an Active State Counsellor, of the fourth rank and hereditary nobility, and civil engineer who worked for the Dniepr and Tributaries Shipping Company.  Alexander finished his engineering studies in St.Petersburg. In 1905 he went to Brussels and obtained Belgian flying license n° 11. Alexander married a Belgian girl named Jeanne Eugénie Iserbyt on 16/6/09 and at the outbreak of WW1 Petrovsky joined the Aviation Militaire Belge. He stayed until 15 September 1916 at the Pilot School at Etampes but then transferred to the newly formed 5th Fighter Squadron. On 22 July 1918 Alexander was discharged on his own request and moved to Jersey where he worked as a tennis coach and wrote a book on tennis. He died on 26 September 1965 and is buried in St. Saviour on Jersey Island.


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