Nieuport 23

Nieuport 17/23

The Nieuport 23 was a development of the Nieuport 17, in every way identical except it was slightly heavier and powered by a Le Rhone rotary engine of 120hp. Aviation Militaire units often used a mix of Nieuport 23's and 11's.


Daniel Brackx Collection

Nieuport 23

Freshly painted this unidentified Nieuport 23 has just been delivered to the Aviation Militaire and Squadron marking and Belgian roundels still have to be applied.

Dopr Collection

Nieuport N.23 N5020 of N 5 "Comet" Fighter Squadron seen at De Moeren fighter base in late summer 1917. Note the specially decorated Nieuports "Moustique" and Vampire in the background.

Nieuport 23 Max Orban crash

 Landing accident of Fighter pilot Max Orban's personal Nieuport 23 which according to Walter M. Pieters in his superb book "Over Flanders' Fields" could be N5024 now on display in the Royal Military Museum at Brussels.

Nieuport 23

 An unidentified Nieuport 23 of the 5th Escadrille de Chasse "Comet" is being prepared for a mission at De Moeren airbase in late 1917.

Nieuport 23

A newly delivered Aviation Militaire Belge Nieuport 23 is being prepared for a test flight at Calais-Beaumarais in a wintery setting.

Nieuport 23 - Gustave de Mevius

 First World War Aviation Militaire Belge fighter pilot Gustave "Papa Gusto" de Mevius in front of his Nieuport 23 at De Moeren/Les Mores airfield in 1917.

Paul Hiernaux

Capitaine-Commandant Paul Hiernaux, Commanding Officer of N 11 Squadron, in front of his Nieuport 23 towards the end of World War I.  In 1938 he was promoted General Major and was the Commanding Officer of the Belgian Air Service when the 2nd World War broke out.


Robert De Leener


Sous-Lieutenant Robert "Bob" De Leener as Flight Commander of N 10 Fighter Squadron in his Nieuport 23.





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