Spad S.VII C1



Spad VII C1 SP-2


Spad S.VII C1 n° Sp2 of 5 Squadron (later renumbered 10 Squadron) in front of a typical Bessoneau tent-hangar at De Moeren

 airfield in 1917. The Spad S.VII C1 entered service with the Aviation Militaire in the summer of 1917 and was successfully used by

Belgian ace Edmond Thieffry.


Spad VII C1 SP-3


Spad VII C1 SP-3 of n° 10 Squadron (Comet). Notice the personnal markings on the tail and upper wing.


Spad VII C1 SP-4 


 One of the first Spad VII fighters, registered Sp-4, shortly after its arrival at De Moeren airfield in 1917 to join N° 5 Squadron.


Spad VII C1 SP-5


Adjudant Max Orban inspecting his Spad VII C1 Sp-5 of n° 10 Squadron (Comet) after a heavy landing.


Spad VII C1 SP-7 


Spad VII C1 Sp-7 of the 5th Escadrille de Chasse (Comet) at the (flooded) De Moeren airbase in 1918.


Spad VII C1 SP-22 


Spad VII C1 Sp-22 of n° 10 Squadron (Comet) in the static display of the Evere Airshow called "Exposition des Avions de Guerre

 et du Matériel Aéronautique" which took place between 19 and 27July 1919.




Pilot Jean Van Cotthem in front of his Spad VII most probably at the Parc d'Aviation at Calais.







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