Short 827 (225D)

Short/Brush & Parnall I.S.T.S. Type-827

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Short 827

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After the succesfull East African campaign, Short/Brush & Parnall I.S.T.S. Type-827 (Sunbeam 150HP) N 2 was the only seaplane of this type that remained operational at the Escadrille d'Hydravions based at Calais where it is seen here. Alongside 4 F.B.A. Schreck flying boats, this aircraft flew anti-submarine missions from 29 July 1917 untill the end of the war. 

Short Type 827

Short Type 827 n 8219 operated by the Belgian forces at Lake Tanganyika in 1916.

Artwork by Yves Duwelz

Short 827 3094 at Lake Tanganika

Short Type 827 n° 3094 being put in the waters of Lake Tanganyika in 1916.


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