Salmson SAL.2 A2

Salmson SAL.2 A2


Aviation Militaire Belge Salmson SAL.2 A2 piloted by Romain Dupont (front) and unknown observer at Evere airfield in the early twenties.



Salmson SAL.2 A2


Belgian ace Willy Coppens, in his book "Jours Envolès", pretends that only one Salmson, abandoned at Hondschoote early 1918,

was used for some time, only "to be repainted back in French colours and left behind discretely on a French base".

This picture, taken in 1919 at Evere, proves that the Aviation Militaire used at least one other Salmson.

The two other single-engine aircraft are LVG's, "butin the guèrre".

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