Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c



Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c


BE 2c (4461) n 7 of n 6 squadron at Houtem in its early British configuration (oberver in the front seat has to shoot his gun over the pilots head).

Van der Merckt Collection KLM/MRA




Another unmodified BE2c with its original engine and four-blade propellor.

Daniel Brackx Collection


Be2c Hispano


Pilot Armand Glibert and gunner S/Lt. Julien Stellingwerf in front of an Aviation Militaire modified BE2c.

The Hispano engine is clearly recognisable as is the fact that the gunner moved to the rear cockpit.

L. Robin Collection via G. Van de Merckt


RAF BE2c N 5


Unmodified Aviation Militaire Belge RAF BE.2c n 5 after a heavy landing in which its four blade prop was substantially shortened


BE2c crash at Calais-Beaumarais


Aviation Militaire Belge RAF BE2c n 5 after it crashed into a hangar at Calais-Beaumarais airfield in 1918 killing its pilot Georges Parpe.


RAF BE2c 4097 with Edmond Thieffry


Belgian Aviation Militaire RAF BE2c 4097 with Edmond Thieffry sitting on the wing.


RAF BE2c Gallez Walter De Crombrugghe Marcel

An Aviation Militaire Belge RAF BE2c crewed by Walter Gallez and Marcel De Crombrugghe.

The aircraft is already equipped with a Hispano engine and the pilot moved in front.


BE2c N°17


RAF BE2c N17 probably at Calais-Beaumarais after having received the engine and lay-out modifications.

RAF BE2c nr 4


Aviation Militaire Belge Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c N 4 after a very heavy landing.


Segeant Jean Pauli


Segeant Jean Pauli in a non modified R.A.F. BE2c shortly before being posted to N 3 Squadron.

He was shot down and killed in his Farman F.40 by attacking German scouts of Jasta 28 on May 1st, 1917. His observer, Lieutenant Jean de Bersaques also lost his life.




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