JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913



Farman-Jero HF20



JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913

Single engine, two seat observation aircraft



  The JERO-Farman type militaire 1913 also called F.XVI (= F.16 or HF 16) in an order form dated 28 March 1913, was developed from the Farman HF 16 used by the French army since 1912, but lacking the rudder pedal extensions protruding the front fuselage and introducing oblique wooden masts linking the lower wing with the upper wing extensions. The new model also was equipped with a higher undercarriage, larger capacity fuel tank (which allowing flights to up to three hours) and an elliptical rudder. Powered by a Gnome 80hp rotary engine, the H.F.16 could reach a maximum speed of 105 km/h. JERO (Bollekens) delivered a first machine still equipped with the frontal elevator but tests done in May showed that this "planche à pain" could be eliminated and all subsequent aircraft were delivered without this forward vision obstructing feature: six in July and two in August 1913. Eight of these aircraft participated in the manoeuvres in the "Entre Sambre et Meuse" region at the end of August and early September of that same year. A non-determined small number of supplementary JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913 (some were restorations/composites) was delivered later on after the start of World War I. (D. Brackx & Ph. Doppagne)  

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
2 - Jul 1913 - Fate unknown
Early JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913 with "plache à pain".
JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913 with pilot Lt. Felix Liedel
An unidentified JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913 in flight  






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