JERO-Farman Ecole



Jero-Farman Ecole



JERO-Farman Ecole

Single engine, two seat trainer aircraft



  On December 17th, 1912 the Belgian Armed Forces ordered a single engineless trainer at the Bollekens (JERO) factory for the amount of 12.500 Belgian Francs. As a number of Gnome 70 hp engines became available due to the change to the Gnome 80 hp on the Jero-Farman type militaire 1912 à fuselage, the engine for this aircraft almost certainly was drown from this source. On an image taken at Brasschaat it can be noted that this type of aircraft was equipped with a single, trapezoidal shaped rudder which makes the machine readily distinguishable. Accoding to the publication "La Vie Militaire" of 5 March 1913 two aircraft of this trainer type were acquired.   (D. Brackx - Ph. Doppagne)

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
- - Dec 1912 - Ordered on 17 Dec 1912 as engineless frame and equipped with a Gnome 70 hp engine. Fate unknown.






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