Gotha G.V



Gotha G.V  947/16  KZ


Gotha G.V 947/16 KZ was captured late in 1918 by the Belgian armed forces. 

On August 27th 1918 the bomber was test flown at Calais-Beaumarais by pilot Proper Georges and Beaumarais' chief technician Mathieu Demonty.


Gotha G.V


The unique captured Gotha G.V bomber of the Aviation Militaire. The G.V model differs from the G.Va and G.Vb by having a single tail unit.

Van de Merckt Collection



Gotha G.Vb


Gotha G.VB


Gotha G.Vb of the Aviation Militaire seen at Evere airfield in 1919.

Van de Merckt Collection KLM/MRA


Gotha G.Vb Evere 1921


Details of the complex undercarriage of an Aviation Militaire Belge Gotha G.Vb at Evere in 1919.









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