JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1914  or F.23 bis



Farman (Jero) H.F.23bis nr 9



JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1914 or F.23 bis

Single engine, two seat observation aircraft



  The JERO-Farman type militaire 1914 or F.23 bis was a longer-range development of the H.F.20 for which the wingspan has been increased from 13.50m to 16 m (5 more wing spars outside the oblique strut) and a larger fuel tank was added (the tank sits on top of the fuselage sides instead of in between them). These modifications allowed flights of up to 4.30 hours or some 400 km.  The additional weight however restricted speeds to 95 km/h. The original power plant of the F.23 bis was the 80 hp Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine, later on some aircraft had their engine replaced by a 80hp Le Rhône engine . At least eight F.23 bis' were delivered in 1914 before the start of World War I and 2 more followed in August 1914. (D. Brackx & Ph. Doppagne)

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
9 - 1914 - N° 9
11  - 1914 - N° 11
Unidentfied JERO-Farman HF.23bis of the Compagnie des Aviateurs after a heavy landing in 1914 during the early stages of World War I.
F.23 bis explosion at Ghyvelde on December 21st, 1914





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