Farman (Henri) Type Militaire 1911



Farman (Henry) Type Militaire 1911



Farman (Henri) Type Militaire 1911


Single-engine two-seat observation & trainer aircraft


  Three improved Henri Farman type militaire 1911 were ordered and delivered in 1911. The "Type Militaire 1911" was an improved version of the "Type Militaire 1910" design incorporating larger fuel and oil tanks, double fabric covered wings and rounded vertical control surfaces. These three aircraft delivered on May 24th 1911 and 7 and 13 August 1911, received the registrations Farman II, III and IV, which can create confusion as in France roman numbers are often used to indicate the Farman sub-types. As of 1912 all remaining type militaire 1911 were designated as "Farman Ecole". (D. Brackx - Ph. Doppagne)

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
F.II - May 1911 July 1911 F.II, destroyed in crash landing at Brasschaat on July 25th, 1911
F.III - Aug 1911 Jul 1912 (?) F.III, crash landed after engine problems at Brasschaat on 30 Jul 1912. Possibly not rebuilt.
F.IV - Aug 1911 - F.IV





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