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Farman-Nélis GN1 - GN6

Single engine two-seat experimental aircraft

Lieutenant Georges Nélis, who was in charge of the Calais - Le Beau Marais (France) maintenance & repair centre of the Aviation Militaire Belge during World War I started experimenting with refined versions of the Farman pusher aircraft as early as 1916. As no official documents are available on the different types of GN aircraft produced most available information comes from detailed study of quite a number of pictures which remain. Most of the design work was produced by engineer Demonty and in general the aircraft can be split in two groups according to the power plant. Two aircraft were powered by a Le Rhone rotary type of engine while 4 others had powerful Hispano Suiza 220 hp water cooled engines. All the designs had the Farman's original undercarriage replaced by a simpler and lighter design while the crew nacelles were in many cases more streamlined than the original design. The successful crew Jacquet-Rolin used the Gnome-Rhône powered GN 2 for many of their missions, while the excellent observer/photo duo Wouters Jaumotte used the Hispano Suiza powered GN 5 which was equipped with a frontal radiator.  (Daniel Brackx)

 The following sub-types have been identified:


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
GN1 - 1917 1918 GN1, Gnome-Le Rhône rotary engine - Streamlined nacelle
GN2 - 1917 1918 GN2, Gnome-Le Rhône rotary engine - Streamlined nacelle, used by crew Jacquet-Rolin
GN3 - 1917 1918 GN3 Hispano Suiza 220hp engine with radiators along the fuselage - equipped with search light and twin Vickers machine guns as night fighter 
GN4 - 1917 1918  GN4 Same configuration as GN3 but with nacelle of a Farman F.40
GN5 - 1918 1918 GN5 Hispano Suiza 220hp engine with frontal radiator, used by crew Jaumotte Wouters
GN6 - 1918 1918 GN6 Hispano Suiza 220hp engine but with slightly modified nacelle and grilled radiator  



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