Farman F40bis Type Militaire 56



Seven Renault V8 8GA 150HP powered Farman F40bis Type Militaire 56 were delivered to the Belgian Aviation Militaire's N° 8

Squadron in late 1917. They were used mainly for (nocturnal) bombing missions from N° 8 Squadron's home base Quadypres

          (Coudekerque) (F.).



Farman F40bis Type Militaire 56


Farman (Frères) F.40bis Type Militaire 56 of the Quadypres (F.) based 8th Reconnaissance and Bombardment Squadron

commanded by Lieutenant Louis de Burlet, who is visible in the gunner’s position while Sous-Lieutenant Franz Lacroix is

 the pilot. Notice the Owl painted on the fuselage which was the unofficial crest of N° 8 Squadron.







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