Farman F.40/41




Farman F.40 "17"


Farman Type 40 (Engine Renault 130 hp) of the Aéronautique Militaire seen at Houtem in the Spring 1915.   



Farman F.40 Crash


Unidentified Aviation Militaire Belge Farman F.40 damaged after a somewhat "heavy" landing.


Farman F.40 10 crash landing


Farman F.40 n° 10 (c/n 2265) of 6 Squadron after a heavy landing by Adj. Rondeau at Houtem airfield in May 1916.

Later on this aircraft became the well known "Brownie" still flown by Rondeau. (see below)


Farman F.40 "10" c/n 2265 "Brownie"


Farman F.40 n° 10 (c/n 2265) "Brownie" sporting the famous Kodak special marking.


Farman F.40 Crew Jaumotte-Delelienne


Aerial reconnaissance crew Jaumotte & Delelienne in front of their Farman F.40 decorated with "Charles Chaplin" nose art.


Farman F.40 Wibier  - De Goussoncourt


Téléphone Sans Fil or TSF (Radio) equipped Farman F.40 crewed by observer Wibier and pilot de Goussencourt in early 1917.


Farman F.40 45 Bulldog


Pilot 1Sgt Vicomte Maximilien Vilain XIIII (left) and his observer Capt Baron Roger De Kerchove de Denterghem (right) in their

 Farman F.40 n° 45, decorated with a "Bulldog" motive.


Farman "30" Marcel Ciselet


Sergeant Marcel Cicelet in front of Farman F.40 N° 30 of N° 6 Squadron. Marcel was shot down and killed, over Pierkenhoek on

May 18th, 1918. He was one of four brothers who joined the Aviation Militaire during World War I. (See also Charles "Sidi" Ciselet)







Farman F.40 & F.60 Personal Markings







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