Deperdussin - de Brouckère






Deperdussin & de Brouckère-Deperdussin


Single-engine single & two-seat aircraft



   Some five Deperdussin and de Brouckère-Deperdussin aircraft of different types have at one time or another been used by the “Vliegerscompagnie/Compagnie d'Aviateurs”. In 1912/1913 both Comte Joseph d’Hespel and Henri Crombez fulfilled their compulsory military service with the Company d'Aviateurs together with their personally owned aircraft, in both cases de Brouckère-Deperdussin aircraft. Although the aircraft remained property of their owners, the army paid fuel cost and maintenance for these aircraft for the time of their “military service”.
With the general mobilisation in Belgium on July 31st, 1914 all flyable civil aircraft and their pilots were incorporated in the Compagnie d'Aviateurs. Crombez donated a single seater de Brouckère-Deperdussin monoplane and (re)joined the forces with his Deperdussin monocoque twin seater monoplane (acquired June 1913). Paul Hanciau, who was an instructor-pilot at the de Brouckère flying school of Genk also joined with his personnal twin seat de Brouckère-Deperdussin monoplane. At Sint-Agatha-Berchem the Rijkswacht/Gendarmerie requisitionned a de Brouckère-Deperdussin twin-seat monoplane which was acquired  by "La Société des Aviateurs de Belgique”.  Most if not all of these aircraft were lost/withdrawn from use in the opening months of the First World War. (
Daniel Brackx, Philippe Doppagne, Jan Lantmeeters)

Picture  Origin Tyoe Date In Date Out History
d'Hespel Single seat monoplane
de Brouckère/Depersussin
Oct 1912 1913  Used by Comte Joseph d'Hespel between Oct 1912 and 1913 while fulfilling his Military Service. Fate unknwon, not (re)incorpated in the armed forces.
Crombez Single seat monoplane
de Brouckère/Depersussin
Aug 1914 -  Owned by Henri Crombez and donated to the Compagnie des Aviateurs in Aug 1914. 5th escadrille, fate unknown
Crombez Twin seat monocoque monoplane Deperdussin Oct 1913 Aug 1914 Owned by Henri Crombez, used during his military service from Oct 1913. 1st Escadrille HF. Set on fire at Ans (Liège) on 6 Aug 1914 as the engine didn't start in view of advancing Germans.
Hanciau Twin seat monoplane
de Brouckère/Depersussin
Aug 1914 Aug 1914 Paul Hanciau joined the Compagnie des Aviateurs with his personel aircraft which crashed on his first mission on 14 Aug 1914
Société des Aviateurs de Belgique Twin seat monoplane
de Brouckère/Depersussin
July 1914 - Requisitionned at Sint-Agatha-Berchem on 31 July 1914, 5th Escadrille, fate unknown.





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