Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc/e



Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXe SM-39



Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc/e

Single engine single seat fighter



In accordance to the “Anglo/Belgian Agreements” of December 4th, 1946, 28 Spitfire LF.IX fighters (SM-1 to SM-28) were acquired from wartime RAF surplus stocks. These aircraft were to provide advanced combat training for future fighter pilots. As of August 1947 the first of these aircraft entered service with the Advanced Flying School (VVS or EPA) at Brustem airbase.  Due to a high attrition rate (Belgium did not use two-seater Spitfire’s as did the Irish and Royal Netherlands Air Force) it was necessary to order some additional aircraft. An order for 18 secondhand Spitfires was signed with the LSK/Fokker of Holland. These machines which formerly were used in the Dutch-Indies received serials (SM-29 to SM-43) additionally 3 more aircraft were acquired (former KLu H-50, H-54 and H-58) which were in such a bad shape that they could only be used as spare part resource. Of these post war aircraft four served during WWII with 349 (Belgian) Squadron. The Spitfires were not attributed any tactical codes as they were purely used for training. For that purpose they were used at the Advanced Training School (VVS-EPA) at Brustem, the Fighter school at Koksijde and the Auxiliary Squadron at Beauvechain.  In 1952 the idea emerged briefly to create a demonstration team on Spitfire IX, but after an unfortunate accident this fell through.  After their Belgian military service, many Spitfires went on to become target tugs with the civilian company Cogea Nouvelle of Oostende.   Most of these Spits went on to have a film career (Battle of Britain, etc.) and quite interestingly the majority survived to this day. (Daniel Brackx)

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
SM-1 - Aug 1947 Aug 1952 PL349 (RAF), SM-1
- SM-2 - Aug 1947 Jul 1950 MJ353 (RAF), SM2, fatal crash at Hoepertingen after mid-air collission with SM-15 on 17 May 1950
SM-3 - Aug 1947 Dec 1949 RT887 (RAF), SM-3, destroyed in fire at Brustem on 11 Jul 1949
SM-4 - Aug 1947 Jul 1949 PL190 (RAF), SM-4, crashed on atke off from Brustem due to engine failure on 24 Mar 1949
SM-5 - Aug 1947 Feb 1952 TE520 (RAF), SM-5, Fatal crash at Tomveld (Brustem) on 14 Feb 1952
SM-6 4161  Aug 1947 May 1954 EN568 (RAF), Mk.V Spitfire modified into Mf.IX, SM-6, scrapped.
SM-7 3565 Aug 1947 Oct 1951 EN-123 (RAF), SM-7, Fatal crash at Sivry-Rance on 18 Jul 1951.
SM-8 Aug 1947 Mar 1949 PL149 (RAF), SM-8, written off in a field emergency landing at Beyne-Heusay on 16 Oct 1948.
SM-9 Aug 1947 Aug 1950 MJ421 (RAF), SM-9, fatal crash at Brustem on 4 Aug 1950.
SM-10 - Aug 1947 Dec 1951 TA855 (RAF), SM-10, dived in the ground from high altitude at Sint-Truiden on 14 Dec 1951
SM-11 - Sep 1947  May 1954 MJ244 (RAF), SM-11, scrapped.
SM-12 - Sep 1947 Sep 1947 MH366 (RAF), SM-12 attributed but not worn, crashed on delivery at Etterbeek on 2 Sep 1947 due to engine problems.
SM-13 - Oct 1947 Jan 1952 PT643 (RAF), SM-13, written off at Brustem airbase on 20 Jun1951, One wing recovered to repair SM-15.
SM-14 - Nov 1947 May 1954 MJ332 (RAF), SM-14, scrapped.
SM-15 CBAF-IX-1301 Feb 1948  Jul 1951 MJ783 (RAF), SM-15, on display at the Rioyal Army Museum, Brussels as "MN-L", "MJ360/GE-B"
SM-16 - May 1948 Jan 1952 PT853 (RAF), SM-16, used in fire fighting exercise at Evere on 16 June 1952
SM-17 - Jul 1948 Sep 1953 PT644 (RAF), SM-17, Scrapped after a Cat.4 accident at Brustem on 8 Sep 1953
SM-18 - Jul 1948 May 1954 ML(RAF), SM-18, scrapped.
SM-19 - Jul 1948 Sep 1952 MJ482 (RAF), SM-19, fatal crash on 14 Jan 1952 at Kortenbos on first solo flight of student pilot.
SM-20 Jul 1948  Sep 1952 PL224 (RAF), SM-20, Spitfire Team, crash landing after mid-air collision with SM-24 and SM-30 at Saffraanberg on 1 Sep 1952
SM-21 Jul 1948 May 1954 MK557 (RAF), SM-21, scrapped
- SM-22 Aug1948 Apr1954 MJ559 (RAF), SM-22, written off in accident on 13 Sep 1952, intended as instruction airframe at Technical School of Saffraanberg but scrapped, wings to SM-29 Gate Guardian of school
SM-23 Aug 1948 Jun 1952 MJ617 (RAF), SM-23, fatal crash at Overrepen after mid-air collision with SM-26 on 25 Jun 1952
SM-24 Aug 1948  Eug 1953 MK777 (RAF), SM-24, Spitfire Team, written off in accident at Brustem on 20 Jul 1953.
SM-25 Nov 1948 May 1954 TA836 (RAF), SM-25, scrapped.
SM-26 - Nov 1948 Jun 1952 PV189 (RAF), SM-26, Fatal crash at Overrepen on 25 Jun 1952, mid-air collision with SM-23.
SM-27 Nov 1948  Nov 1951 RK851 (RAF), SM-27, Crashed at Quarreux-St-Aumont on 22 Nov 1951
SM-28 Nov 1948  Jul 1951 MK153 (RAF), photo-recce window, SM-28, overturned at Brustem on 6 Mar 1951, used as spare parts resource at Fairey, Gosselies
SM-29 CBAF-IX-1875  Jun, 1952  Apr 1954 MK912 (RAF), H119, H-59 (LSK - Nl.), SM-29, gate guard Saffraanberg, active at Biggin Hill (U.K.)  as MK912/SH-L.
SM-30 - Jun 1952 Apr 1954 MH485 (RAF), H-102 (LSK), H-51,, SM-30, Spitfire Team, written of in crash at Brustem on 29 Apr 1953, scrapped.
SM-31 Jun 1952  May 1954 MK205 (RAF), H-101 (LSK), H-52, SM-31, scrapped.
SM-32 - Aug 1952 Apr 1954 MH424 (RAF), H-106 (LSK), H-53, SM-32, Scrapped
SM-33 Oct 1952 May 1954 MH439 (RAF), H-56, SM-33, fatal accident at Rivière-sur-Meuse on 13 Jan 1954.
SM-34 Aug 1952 Apr 1954 MH309 (RAF), H-113, H-57, SM-34, scrapped after landing accident at Brustem on 8 Apr 1954.
SM-35 Jan 1953 Apr 1954 MJ714 (RAF), H-117, H-67, SM-35, written off ater landing accident on 19 Matr 1954.
SM-36 CBAX-IX-2200  Jan 1953  May 1954 NH238 (RAF) H-103, H-60, SM-36, OO-ARE, N238V, EN-398/JE-J, G-MKIX, NH238/D-A, airworthy.
SM-37 CBAF-IX-1886  Feb 1953  May 1954 MK923 (RAF), 5J-Z, H-104, H-61, SM-37, OO-ARF, N93081, NX521R, N521R, preserved at the Seattle Washington- Museum of Flight as MK923/5J-Z
SM-38 Mar 1953 May 1954 MH725 (RAF), H112, H-63, SM-38, scrapped.
SM-39 CBAF-IX-2161 Apr 1953 May 1954 NH188 (RAF), DN-S, H-109 (LSK), H-64, SM-39, OO-ARC,  CF-NUS, NH188/AU-H, Canadian National Museum, Rockcliffe (Canada)
SM-40 CBAF-IX-533  Apr 1953 May 1954 MH415 (RAF), ZD-E, H-108, H-65, SM-40, OO-ARD, N415MH, as ZD-E, up for sale in Texas, USA (2015), Pays Air Service, Scone, Australia
SM-41 CBAF-IX-552  Oct 1953  May 1954  MH434 (RAF), ZD-B, H-105, H-68, SM-41, OO-ARA, G-ASJV, airworthy
SM-42  - Apr 1953  May 1954 MJ893 (RAF), H110, H-69, SM-42, crashed at Brustem on 5 May 1954 due to engine failure.
SM-43 CBAF-IX-1515 Jun 1953 May 1954 MK297 (RAF), H-116 (LSK), H-55, SM-43, OO-ARB, G-ASSD, NX9BL, N9BL, destroyed in hangar fire at Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) on 15 Feb 1993
Spitfire LF.IXe OO-ARE (SM-36) in action over Lombarsijde as target towing aircraft of the COGEA Nouvelle (1961)






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