Sikorsky HSS-1/S-58C


Sikorsky S-58C B-12/OT-ZKL 


Sikorsky S.58C's at Gosselies airfield in September 1966.



Sikorsky (Sud Aviation) HSS-1 Seabat (S-58)


Rescue- and transport helicopter


Between 1961 and 1962, five Sikorsky HSS-1 (S-58) helicopters build under license by Sud Aviation in France were acquired by the Belgian Air Force in order to create a Search and Rescue unit (previously equipped with fast rescue ships operating out of Lombardsijde/Nieuwpoort). Two aircraft were temporarily assigned to the Belgian Navy to be used as aerial minesweepers (B-7 and B-8). At the end of their career and after delivery of the Seaking helicopters a number of HSS-1's remained in service as training helicopter.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
B-4 SA145 May 1961 Dec 1984 B-4/OT-ZKD, storage Koksijde
B-5 SA146 May 1961 Aug 1985 B-5/OT-ZKE, Accident during autorotation at Koksijde on 29 Aug 1985
B-6 SA181 Feb 1962 Amy 1979 B-6/OT-ZKF, on displau at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels
B-7 SA184 Feb 1962 Feb 1978 B-7/OT-ZKG, used by the Belgian Navy as minesweeper with anchor incorporated in Belgian roundel. Crashed at St. Idesbald on 07 Jan 1976 due to engine problems
B-8 SA185 Jan 1962 Jul 1986 B-8/OT-ZKH, used by the Belgian Navy as minesweeper with anchor incorporated in Belgian roundel. Special paint schemes "25 Years SAR", "The Last One/40 Squadron", gate guardian at Koksijde airbase.


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Sikorsky S-58C


Transport helicopter


In 1963 five Sikorsky S-58 helicopters were taken over from the Belgian national carrier Sabena to serve as logistical transport helicopters (Short Range Transport or SRT) for the Nike surface-to-air missile batteries based in Germany. In the Belgian Air Force these aircraft were designated S-58C and two of these former passenger helicopters were equipped with a VIP interiors. All of the S-58C's were withdrawn from use with the arrival of the Westland Seakings in 1976.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
B-9 58-324 Oct 1963 Sep 1964 OO-SHG, (KAT-43) Belgian Congo, B-9/OT-ZKI,
Written off in accident at Koksijde on 21 Sep 1964
B-10 58-333 Aug 1963 May 1976 OO-SHH (Sabena), B-10/OT-ZKJ, D-HAUE spare parts source for D-HAUG (ex B-15)
B-11 58-356 Sep 1963 Jun 1976 ,OO-SHI, B-11/OT-ZKK, D-HAUF, Auto und Technik Museum, Sinsheim (D.)
B-12 58-388 Nov 1963 Jul 1976 OO-SHL (Sabena), B-12/OT-ZKL, D-HAID, Air Classic, Frankfurt (D.)
B-13 58-395 Oct 1963 Oct 1971 OO-SHM, (KAT44) Belgian Congo, B-13/OT-ZKM. Written off in accident at Merzbrück on 15 Oct 1971.
B-14 58-350 Jun 1969 Jun 1976 N878, OO-SHQ, B-14/OT-ZKN, (VIP configuration), D-HAUC, spare parts resource , preserved as "80+25" at Laupheim (D.)
B-15 58-836 Jan 1969 Nov 1975 OO-SHP (Sabena), B-15/OT-ZKP, VIP configuration, D-HAUG, "PJ+366" Heer for film, still active
  film of D-HAUG former B-15/OT-ZKP flown by former BAF pilot Eddy Brokken



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