Miles M.14A Magister



Miles M.14A Magister G.1


Miles M.14A Magister

Single engine two seat training & communictions aircraft.



  On 3 October 1946, one single Miles Magister was transferred from the RAF to Belgium to be used as instructional airframe at the Technical School at Saffraanberg.  Early 1947 the machine was made airworthy and delivered to 367sq/169Wing at Evere where it was used for communication flights, first registered TMR 50/DMT 50 later G-1.  In September 1953 the machine was stricken of charge and continued its career on the civilian register as OO-NIC. Rescued in the seventies by museum-volunteers the restored machine is now on view at the Royal Army Museum in Brussels.

Picture  Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
G-1 1992 + parts of 2037 Oct 1946 Sep 1953 T9800 (RAF), SMT-50, TMR-50, G-1, OO-NIC, on display at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels as T9800.




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