MBLE Epervier

MBLE Epervier D-11

 MBLE - Epervier

Single jet-engine drone /Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

On April 24th 1969 the MoD acquired the MBLE Epervier system which fulfilled a requirement formulated by NATO in 1964 for a sophisticated unmanned battlefield reconnaissance- and observation system. After a lengthy test phase the 1st Peloton Drones SCB became operational in 1976 with the jet powered Epervier UAV. (then still called "Drone").  The last flight with an Epervier took place on 3 September 1999 and the machine was gradually replaced by the much more sophisticated Eagle B-Hunter.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
D07 - - D07, preserved at briefing room 80th UAV Squadron at Florennes 
D11 D5-011 - Sep 1999 D11, "Eglantine", preserved at Elsenborn (80 Sqn UAV), Schweizerisches Militärmuseum in Full-Reuenthal near Basel (CH)
D23 D5-023 - Jun 1998 D23, preserved AieSch-Eaie - 6A (Army) at Brasschaat
D37 D5-037 - May 1999 D37, 1PI Drones SCB, 80A Bie OS, Preserved at the Royal Military Academy, Brussels
D41 D5-041 - Mar 1999 D41, 1PI Drones SCB, 80A Bie OS, gate guardian Alsenborn


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