Lockheed T-33A

Lockheed T-33A FT-15

Lockheed T-33A

Single-engine twin-seat trainer


 Forty-eight T-33A jet trainers and 2 RT-33A reconnaissance aircraft were initially earmarked for the Belgian Government in the framework of the MDAP (Mutual Defence Assistance Programme), however after a review the order was adjusted to 38 T-33As and a single RT-33A.
The first T-33As for Belgium were shipped to the Moroccan port of Casablanca, assembled at the base of Meknes and flown to Florennes.
A second batch was delivered via the northern route and Denmark while the remainder was delivered in flight straight from the USA.
The first aircraft were fitted with standard F-80A Shooting Star drop tanks and initially wore only the USAF 'buzz number' and no roundels. Over the early years Belgian Air Force T-Birds had a varied life and were based at virtual all military airbases and units (2, 9, 10 Wing and the Fighter School), before being grouped at Brustem airbase.
Eight aircraft were temporarily transferred to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht) as part of a Belgian-Dutch agreement for a common pilot training scheme.
At the end of their service life with the Belgian Air Force and as the aircraft had remained property of the US government most of the T-Birds were returned to the legal owners and got a second career with other foreign air forces or in the worst case as a target on bombing ranges.


Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
FT-01 5335 Sep 1951 Nov 1979 51-4041/TR-O41 (USAF), TR-041 (BAF), FT-1, FT-01, Special markings "Adios T-Bird", Spadeadam (U.K.) Electronic Warfare Tactics Range as "21/40", Florida (?).
FT-02 5337 May 1951 Nov 1979 51-4043/TR-043 (USAF), TR-043 (BAF), FT-2, FT-02; Spadeadam (U.K.) Electronic Warfare Tactics range as “10/77”
FT-03 5356 Mar 1951 May 1978 51-4062/TR-062 (USAF), TR-062 (BAF), FT-03, M-59 (KLu), FT-03, Transported by CH-47C Chinook to the Vilseck (D.) shooting range.
FT-04 5446 Mar 1952 Jul 1978 51-4152/TR-152 (USAF) TR-152 (BAF), FT-4, M-43 (KLu), FT-04  crashed after mid-air collission with FT-26 at Ciney on 27 Apr 1977.
FT-05 5445 Aug 1952 Oct 1979 51-4151/TR-151 (USAF), TR-151 (BAF), FT-5, M-42 (KLu), FT-05, fatal crash at Mückenbomberg/Kell (D.) on 18 Nov 1977.
FT-06 5525 Aug 1952 Nov 1979 51-4231/TR-231 (USAF), TR-231 (BAF), FT-6, M-44 (KLu), FT-06, Spadeadam (U.K.) Electronic Warfare Tactics range as "15/11"
FT-07 5527 Jul 1952 Noc 1979 51-4233/TR-233 (USAF), FT-7, "A"(10W), M-45 (KLu), FT-07, Spadeadam(U.K.) Electronic Warfare Tactics range as "70"
FT-08 5994 Feb 1953 Jun 1965 51-6662/TR-662 (USAF), TR-662 (BAF), FT-8, "B" (10W), M-46 (KLu), "Whiskey Four" team, crashed after mid-air collission at Woensdrecht during "Whiskey Four" display on 8 Jun 1965.
FT-09 5995 Oct 1952 Aug 1976 51-6663/TR-663 (USAF), FT-9, "C" (10W), M-60 KLu, FT-09, "Schwäbisches Bauern und Technik Museum" at Eschach/Siefertshofen (D.). Was written off in emergency landing at Brustem on 4 Aug 1976 after losing tip-tank in flight.
FT-10 5996 Dec 1952 Nov 1979 51-6664/TR-664 (USAF), TR-664 (BAF), FT-10, "D" (10 Wing), Spadeadam (U.K.) Electronic Warfare Tactics range as "14/77".
FT-11 5993 Mar 1953 Nov 1979 51-6661/TR-661 (USAF), TR-661 (BAF), FT-11, "E" (10W), M-47 (KLu), FT-11, Spadeadam  (U.K.) ) Electronic Warfare Tactics range as "80/70".
FT-12 5383 Feb 1953 Jun 1957 51-4089/TR-089 (USAF), TR-089 (BAF), FT-12, "F" (10W), Written off at Brye on 15 May 1957 after emergency landing due to engine fire in flight.
FT-13 6816 Jul 1953 Nov 1979 51-9032/TR-032 (USAF), TR-032 (BAF), FT-13, to Yugoslavian A.F, Serbian A.F., Cape May (NJ, USA).
FT-14 7032 Sep 1953 Nov 1979 51-9248/TR-248 (USAF), FT-14, "G" (10W), to Yugoslavian AF, to Serbian Air Force as 100055, noted at Cape May (NJ/USA)
FT-15 7138 Nov 1953 Nov 1979 51-17445/TR-445 (USAF), FT-15, USAF, N1180C, N410GH, N133CK Lakeview (OR, USA)
FT-16 7254 Nov 1953 1979 51-17463/TR-463 (USAF), FT16, to Yugoslav A.F., N533CB Wilmington (DE, USA)
FT-17 7362 Dec 1953 Dec 1979 51-17468/TR-468 (UASAF), FT-17, To Yugoslav A.F., N125AT, Stockton (CA, USA)
FT-18 7363 Dec 1953 Sep 1959 51-17469/TR-469 (USAF) TR-469 (BAF), FT-18. Crashed at Bogaarden (Pepingen) on 13 May 1959 after mid-air collision with FT-35.
FT-19 7485 Jan 1954 Jun 1960 51-17505/TR-505 (USAF), TR-505 (BAF), FT-19, crashed at Wezeren after flame-out on 15 Jun 1960.
FT-20 7373 Jan 1954 Sep 1962 51-17479/TR-479 (USAF), TR-479 (BAF), FT-20, Flight Refuelling, Tarrant Rushton (U.K.), spare parts resource Mojave (CA, USA).
FT-21 7573 Apr 1954 Oct 1979 51-17513/TR-513 (USAF), FT-21, "H" (10 W), 1928 (Portugal), stored at Beja AB (P.)
FT-22 7584 Apr 1954 Dec 1059 51-17524/TR-524 (USAF), FT-22, "I" (10 W), N1180D Wilmington (DE, USA)
FT-23 7685 Apr 1954 Jul 1961 51-17539/TR-539 (USAF), FT-23 "J" (10W), crashed at Oldenmark(Steenwijk (Nl.)
FT-24 7788 Apr 1954 - 52-9892/TR-892 (USAF), TR-892 (BAF), FT-24, monument 11 Sq. Brustem, monument 11 Sq. Beauvechain, “1W Historical Center” Beauvechain.
FT-25 9063 Jun 1955 Mar 1976 53-5724/TR-724 (USAF), FT-25, scrapyard Kalken, Zele, Affligem along E-40 motorway with wings of FT-33, to Expo Gowalt, Kwatrechtsesteenweg, 114  Wetteren
FT-26 9064 Jun 1055 Mar 1978 53-5725/TR-725 (USAF), FT-26," Schwäbisches Bauern und Technik Museum" at Seifertshofen (D.), stored.
FT-27 9065 Jun 1955 Dec 1961 53-5726/TR-726 (USAF), FT-27, landing mishap at Brustem on 19 Sep 1961. Not repaired, spare parts resource at Flight Refuelling, Tarrant Rushton (U.K.)
FT-28 9091 Jun 1955 1979 53-5752/TR-752, FT-28, 1929 (Portugal), stored Beja AB, (P.)
FT-29 9092 Jun 1955 Nov 1979 53-5753/TR-753, FT-29, Spadeadam shooting range (U.K.) as "77/44".
FT-30 9093 Aug 1955 1979 53-5754/TR-754 (USAF), FT-30, 1930 (Portugal), stored Beja AB (P.) special colour scheme "38 anos FAP
FT-31 9579 Mar1956 Oct 1966 55-3038/TR-038, FT-31, crashed at Weert(Nl.) after engine problems on 03 Oct 1966
FT-32 9581 Mar 1956 May 1957 55-3040/TR-040 (USAF), FT-32, crashed at Brustem on 22 Mar 1957.
FT-33 9582 Mar 1956 Feb 1978 55-3041/TR-041, FT-33,  13 Jun 1979 fatal crash at Velm/Kerkom.
FT-34 9584 Mar 1956 1979 55-3043/TR-043 (USAF), FT34, stored Koksijde, Royal Army Museum Brussels.
FT-35 9587 Mar 1956 Sep 1959 55-3046/TR-046 (USAF), FT-35, crashed at Saintes after mid-air collision with FT-18 on 13 May 1959.
FT-36 9588 Apr 1956 1979 55-3047/TR-047 (USAF), FT-36, displayed at Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum at Tinwald Downs (U.K.) as “Little Miss Laura
FT-37 9623 Apr 1956 Feb 1980 55-3082/TR-082, FT-37, Transported by CH-47C Chinook to Alconbury (U.K.) and used for BDRT, to Scuthorpe (U.K.), to Molesworth (U.K.)
FT-38 9585 May 1956 Feb 1980 55-3044/TR-044, FT-38, transported by US Army CH-47C Chinook helicopter to Ramstein airbase (D.) to be usedfor Battle Damage Repair Training (BDRT).
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