Lockheed C-130H Hercules


Lockheed C-130H Hercules CH-07

Lockheed C-130H Hercules

Four engine transport aircraft


In 1970 the Belgian Air Force ordered twelve Lockheed C-130H Hercules (type 382C-25D) transport aircraft to replacement its sizeable fleet of Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcars. The Hercules aircraft were delivered from mid 1972 onwards to Melsbroek based N 20 Squadron of the 15th Wing. During the first years of operation the aircraft wore a 'Vietnam'-style camouflage scheme which later on gave way for an overall grey. In 1990 a 'Mid-Life Improvement Programme' was started, a programme that included replacement of the outer wings (from engine N2 and N3 outwards) in phase 1, the installation of a self-protection suite and a complete new 'glass' cockpit with advanced avionics in phase 2.  Belgian Air Force C-130's have proven their value during numerous humanitarian deployments, in which  several missions, considered impossible by some, were successfully completed. The Lockheed C-130H Hercules is earmarked to be replaced by the all new Airbus Military A-400M, but considerable delays in this multi-nation project has postponed their entry into service so that the Belgian "Hercs" will be around for at least another decade.



Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
CH-01 382-4455 Jul 1972 Active 71-1797, CH-01, "The Nairobi Belle" special marking.
CH-02 382-4460 Jul 1972 May 2006 71-1798, CH-02, "30 Years C130" special color scheme, 05 May 2006 destroyed in hangar fire at Zaventem.
CH-03 382-4461 Aug 1972 Oct 2019 71-1799, CH-03, Wfu 21 Oct 2019
CH-04 382-4467 Oct 1972 Active 71-1800, CH-04, "Mid-Life Update" markings
CH-05 382-4470 Dec 1972 Active 71-1801, CH-05, "20 Years C-130" Special paint.
CH-06 382-4473 Dec 1972 Jul 1996 71-1802, CH-06, Written off in fatal crash at Eindhoven airport on 15 Jul 1996
CH-07 382-4476 Jan 1973 Active 71-1803, CH-07, "60 Years 15th Wing" special color scheme.
CH-08 382-4478 Feb 1973 Dec 2017 71-1804, CH-08, Wfu Dec 2017, stored Beauvechain.
CH-09 382-4479 Mar 1973 Active 71-1805, CH-09
CH-10 382-4481 Mar 1973 Dec 2018 71-1806, CH-10, first aircraft having received the "Mid-Live Update". Wfu 20 Dec 2018, wreck Melsbroek.
CH-11 382-4482 Apr 1973 Active 71-1807, CH-11
CH-12 382-4483 Apr 1973 Active 71-1808, CH-12
CH-13 382-4047 Mar 2009 Active 64-0552, N130EV, CH-14, CH-13
Several Lockheed Hercules C-130H CH-03, CH-08 and CH07 at low level over the Papeteries "Arjo-Wiggins" at Virginal-Samme, South of Brussels.
Several Airlift Block Training at Ovar - Portugal in 2010 (film)
CH-13 Thirteenth Hercules for the Air Component




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