Gloster Meteor T.7

Glsoter Meteor T.7

Gloster Meteor T.7

Twin engine two-seat jet trainer

The Gloster Meteor T.7 was a two-seat trainer version of the famous Gloster Meteor fighter. Because the transition from the single-engine propeller powered Spitfire or Harvard to the twin-engine jetfighter was considered a too big a step for the inexperienced student pilots, the need arose to obtain a two-seater trainer. In the fifties the Belgian Air Force took on charge large amounts of British and American build jets and specifically for the transition training the Meteor T.7 and the Lockheed T-33A trainers were acquired respectively. A first batch of 3 new-build aircraft (ED1 - ED3) was delivered together with the first Meteor F.4s for the Belgian Air Force. With the introduction of the more advanced Meteor F.8 fighter two batches of respectively 4 (ED4 - ED7 in July 1951) and 5 (ED8 - ED12 in early 1953) former RAF (but unused) aircraft were delivered to boost the training assets. The arrival of the Meteor F.8 also meant that the Meteor F.4 had become obsolete. Twenty of them were converted by Avions Fairey to Meteor T.7-standards (ED13 - ED32) from 1952 onwards. Starting in September 1953 an additional 10 ex-RAF aircraft were supplied (ED33 - ED43). The majority of the Meteor T.7s were scrapped after their service life.


Serial Date In Date Out History
Newly Build 
ED-1 Oct 1948 Jan 1962 G-5-212, ED-1/B2-X
ED-2 Mar 1949 Jan 1958 G-5-213, ED-2/B2-O
ED-3 Mar 1949 Jan 1962  G-5-214, ED-3/B2-Z
Former RAF (non-used) aircraft 
ED-4 Jul 1951 Jan 1958 WF817 (RAF), ED-4
ED-5 Jul 1951  Jan 1962 WF827 (RAF) ED-5
ED-6 Jul 1951 Aug 1958 WF818 (RAF), ED-6
ED-7 Jul 1952 Jan 1962 WL399 (RAF), ED-7, converted to Meteor T.7A standards as ED-7
ED-8 Apr 1953 Jan 1962 WL428 (RAF), ED-8
ED-9 Feb 1953 Jan 1962 WL427 (RAF), ED-9
ED-10 Apr 1953  Jan 1962 WL415 (RAF), ED-10
ED-11 Apr 1953  Jan 1962 WH171 (RAF), ED-11
ED-12 Apr 1953  1957  WH174 (RAF), ED-12
Former BAF Meteor F.4 aircraft converted to T.7 standards 
ED-13 Feb 1952 Aug 1956  G-5-249, conversion of EF-4 (Meteor F.4), ED-13
ED-14 1952 Apr 1956  G-5-252, conversion of EF-7 (Meteor F.4), ED-14, converted to T.7A ED-14, sold to Israel.
ED-15 1952 Aug 1957 G-5-254, conversion of EF-9 (Meteor F.4), ED-15, converted to Meteor T.7A ED-15, sold to Israel.
ED-16 Feb 1952 1958 G-5-255, conversion of EF-10 (Meteor F.4), ED-16
ED-17 1952 1958 G-5-256, conversion of EF-11 (Meteor F.4), ED-17
ED-18 1952 1958 G-5-257, conversion of EF-12 (Meteor F.4), ED-18
ED-19 1953 Aug 1958 G-5-258, conversion of EF-13 (Meteor F.4), ED-19
ED-20 1952 Aug 1958 G-5-260, conversion of EF-15 (Meteor F.4), ED-20
- ED-21 - Oct 1955 G-5-261, conversion of EF)16 (Meteor F.4), ED-21, crashed at Tongres St; Martin on 3 Oct 1955.
- ED-22 1952 Jan 1962 G-5-263, conversion of EF-18 (Meteor F.4), ED-22
ED-23 - Aug 1958 G-5-264, conversion of EF-19 (Meteor F.4), ED-23
ED-24 1954  1958 G-5-266, conversion of EF-21 (Mateor F.4, ED-24 exhibited at "Ateliers Deprez" at Roeselare, scrapped.
ED-25 1952 1957 G-5-268, conversion of EF-23 (Meteor F.4), ED-25 
ED-26 1953  1958 G-5-270, conversion of EF-26 (Meteor F.4), ED-26
- ED-27 Nov 1955 G-5-273, conversion of EF-28 (Meteor F.4) ED-27, written of in fire during starting up at Brustem on 3 Nov 1955.
ED-28 1954 Jan 1962 G-5-275, conversion of EF-30 (Meteor F.4), ED-28, converted to Meteor T.7A standards as ED-28.
ED-29 Nov 1956 Jan 1962 G-5-277, conversion of EF-32 (Meteor F.4), ED-29
ED-30 - Feb 1956 G-5-284, conversion of EF-39 (Meteor F.4), ED-30, crashed at Thieusies/Naast on 22 Feb 1956.
- ED-31 - Aug 1958 G-5-286, conversion of EF-41 (Meteor F.4), ED-31
ED-32 - 1958 G-5-287, xonversion of EF-42 (Meteor F.4), ED-32
Former RAF aircraft 
ED-33 Sep 1953 Jan 1962 WL486 (RAF), ED-33
ED-34 Sep 1953 Jan 1962 WN320 (RAF), ED-34
ED-35 Sep 1953 May 1954 WS140 (RAF), ED-35, crashed at Chièvres airbase on 19 May 1954.
- ED-36 Jan 1954 Aug 1954 WS141 (RAF), ED-36, crashed at Hondschoote/Killem (F.) on 19 Aug 1954.
ED-37 Jan 1954 Jan 1962 XF273 (RAF), ED-37
- ED-38 Oct 1956 Aug 1958 WA688 (RAF), ED-38
ED-39 Nov 1956 Jan 1962 WH114 (RAF), ED-39
ED-40 Nov 1956 Jan 1962 WA684 (RAF), ED-40
ED-41 Nov 1956 Jan 1962 WH117 (RAF), ED-41
ED-42 Jan 1957 Jan 1962 WG970 (RAF), ED-42
ED-43 Feb 1957 Jan 1962 WF814 (RAF), ED-43


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