Gloster Meteor F.4

Gloster Meteor F.4 EG-19

Gloster Meteor F.4

Twin engined single seat fighter

Following the brilliant presentation by Sq/Ld Cotes-Preedy of company owned and Gloster Meteor F.4 G-AIDC at Melsbroek on 18 April 1947 (in which a new speed record between London and Brussels was set) the Belgian government placed an order for 48 Gloster Meteor F.4 fighters on March 12th 1949.  All aircraft (worth 24.400 £/piece) were delivered between April and September 1949 to serve with the Beauvechain based 1st Wing. When early 1951 the first much improved Meteor F.8 fighters entered service the F.4 models were gradually transferred to the Fighter School at Koksijde airbase to serve in the trainer role. Several other F.4's were modified into T.7 two seat trainers and saw a second career with the Belgian Air Force



Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
EF-1 - Apr 1949 Aug 1952 G5/246, VW316 (RAF), EF-1/GE-S, damaged beyond repair in landing accident at Beauvechain on 28 Apr 1952
EF-2 - May 1949 Dec 1951 G5/247, VW317 (RAF), EF-2/GE-B, crashed at Saint-Gérard on 20 Dec 1951 after mid-air collision with EF-35
EF-3   May 1949 1956 G5/248, VW318 (RAF), EF-3/MN-R, /SV-L, Fighter School, belly landing at Koksijde on 9 Nov 1953, not repaired.
EF-4 - Jul 1949 Jan 1952 G5/249, VW319 (RAF), EF-4/MN-Q, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-13
EF-5 - May 1949 Sep 1954 G5/250, VW320 (RAF), EF5/GE-H, written off in belly landing at Veurne on 29 sep 1954.
EF-6 - May 1949 1957 G5/251, VW321 (RAF), EF-6/GE-N, scrapped at Wevelgem
EF-7 F.N./G5 233.617 May 1949 1954 G5/252, VW322 (RAF), EF-7/GE-M, SV-P, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-14
EF-8 - May 1949 1957 G5/253, VW323 (RAF), EF-8/GE-D, Fighter School special paint, scrapped at Brustem.
- EF-9 - May 1949 Jan 1952 G5/254, VW324 (RAF), EF-9/GE-C(?), converted into Meteor T.7 ED-15
EF-10 - May 1949 Jan 1952 G5/255, VW325 (RAF), EF-10/GE-F, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-16
- EF-11 - May 1949 - G5/256, VW326 (RAF), EF-11/MN-H, /SV-A, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-17
EF-12 - May 1949 Jan 1952 G5/257, VW327 (RAF), EF-12/GE-R, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-18
EF-13 350626 Aug 1949 1953 G5/258, VW328 (RAF), EF-13/MN-T, /SV-E, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-19
EF-14 - Jul 1949 1956 G5/259, VW329 (RAF), EF-14/MN-S, belly landing at Kruishoutem on 2 Jul 1954 (not repaired)
EF-15 351055 May 1949 1952 G5/260, VW330 (RAF), EF-15/GE-T, /MN-T, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-20
EF-16 - May 1949 Jul 1955 G5/261, VW331 (RAF), EF-16/GE-O, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-21
EF-17 - May1949 Oct 1955 G5/262, VW332 (RAF), EF-17/GE-E, /GE-G, crashed at Zuidschote on 10 Oct 1955
EF-18 - May 1949 Sep 1952 G5/263, VW333 (RAF), EF-18/GE-P, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-22
EF-19 351062 May 1949 1954 G5/264, VW334 (RAF), EF-19/GE-G, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-23
EF-20 - Jun 1949 Jun 1957 G5/265, VW335 (RAF), EF-20/ALW (personal code of Sqn Cdt Windskill), scrapped
EF-21 351552 Jul 1949 1954 G5/266, VW336 (RAF), EF-21/GE-P, /GE-V, /SV-Q, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-24
EF-22 - May 1949 Jun 1952 G5/267, VW337 (RAF), EF-22/GE-A, written off in accident at Beauvechain on 30 Jun 1952
EF-23 - May 1949 Jan 1952 G5/268, VW338 (RAF), EF-23/MN-M, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-25
EF-24 - Aug1949 Jan 1952 G5/269, VW339 (RAF), EF-24/MLD (personal code of Lt.Col Mike Donnet), Technical School SITO, Mechelen, scrapped.
EF-25 - May 1949 May 1953 G5/270, VW340 (RAF), EF-25/MN-F, /GE-F, /SV-F, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-26
EF-26 - May 1949 Feb 1953 G5/271, VW341 (RAF), EF-26/GE-Q, Fatal crash at Opvelp in snowstorm on 2 Feb 1953
EF-27 - 1949 Nov 1953 G5/272, VW342 (RAF), EF-27/MN-O, /SV-Q, written of at Koksijde on 20 Nov 1953 after explosion of right engine
EF-28 - Jul 1949 - G5/273, VW343 (RAF), EF-28/MN-M, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-27
EF-29 - May 1949 1957 G5/274, VW344 (RAF), EF-29/SV-C
EF-30 - Jun 1949 - G5/275, VW345 (RAF), EF-30/MN-B, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-28
EF-31 - Aug 1949 1957 G5/276, VW346 (RAF), EF-31/SV-L
EF-32 - Jul 1949 1954 G5/277, VW347 (RAF), EF-32/MN-C, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-29
EF-33 - Jul 1949 1957 G5/278, VW348 (RAF), EF-33/MN-E, /SV-B
EF-34 - Dec 1949 1957 G5/279, VW349 (RAF), EF/SV-V, scrapped at Brustem
EF-35 - Jul 1949 Dec 1951 G5/280, VW350 (RAF), EF-35/MN-A, crashed at Saint-Gérard after a mid-air collision with EF-2 on 20 Dec 1951
EF-36 - Jul 1949 Dec 1954 G5/281, VW351 (RAF), EF-36/MN-D, /SV-H, crashed at Ottignies on 29 Dec 1954
EF-37 - Jul 1949 1957 G5/282, VX352 (RAF), EF-37/MN-O, SV-T, /SV-E
EF-38 355665 Jul 1949 1957 G5/283, VW353, EF-38/SV-H, /SV-P, scrapped at Brustem
EF-39 - Aug 1949 _ G5/284, VW354 (RAF), EF-39/MN-B, /SV-B, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-30
- EF-40 - Aug 1949 Mar 1950 G5/285, VW355 (RAF), EF-40/SV-Z, crashed at Bodendorf (D.) on 31 Mar 1950
EF-41 - Aug 1949 1954 G5/286, VW356 (RAF), EF-41/SV-D, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-31
EF-42 333133 Aug 1949 - G5/287, VW357 (RAF), EF-42/SV-K, converted into Meteor T.7 ED-32
EF-43 - Aug 1949 Jun 1952 G5/288, VZ380 (RAF), EF-43/SV-I
EF-44 - Aug 1949 Jul 1957 G5/290, VZ381 (RAF), EF-44/SV-A
EF-45 - Aug 1949 1957 G5/291, VZ382 (RAF), EF-45/SV-X
EF-46 - Aug 1949 Feb 1951 G5/292, VZ383 (RAF), EF-46/SV-M, fatal crash at Beauvechain on 15 feb 1951
EF-47 - Sep 1949 Apr 1955 G5/293, VZ384 (RAF), EF-47/REN, GE-E, SV-T, written-off at Koksijde on 15 Apr 1955.
EF-48 - Sep 1949 Jul 1957 G5/294, VZ385 (RAF), EF-48/SV-N.
Two blue nose 349 Squadron Gloster Meteor F.4 fighters at Beauvechain
Gloster Meteor F.4 of N° 350 Squadron in flight

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