Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcar

Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcar

Twin engined transport aircraft

Because modern aviation offered a number of practical solutions to improve the connection between Belgium and its African colony Congo a first batch of 18 Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcars (the "F" type is easily identifiable by the lack of fins below the twin booms) was ordered in the early fifties. Deliveries started in 1952 and replaced a large number of Douglas C-47B Dakotas which were much smaller and had a smaller operational radius). In September 1955 all C119Fs were administratively returned to the U.S. Air Force; however they remained stored at Melsbroek airbase. Between June and September 1956 eight aircraft were transferred to the Royal Norwegian Air Force via the US MDAP programme. The remaining ten aircraft were kept in storage until they were bought back by the Belgian Government. In 1956 all of these aircraft were upgraded to C-119G standards by Sabena.



Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
CP-1 10681 Sep 1952 Sep 1955 51-2692, CP-1/OT_CAA, 51-2692, 12692/BW-C "Cappy" (Norwegian Air Force), 51-2692, stored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ305, scrapped in 1976
CP-2 10682 Sep 1952 Sep 1955 51-2693, CP-2/OT-CAB, 51-2693, 12693/BW-B 'Bamse" (Norwegian Air Force), 51-2693, stored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ303, scrapped in 1976
CP-3 10683 Sep 1952 Sep 1955 51-2694, CP-3/OT-CAC, 51-2694, Upgraded to "G" standards as CP-14/OT-CAN
CP-4 10684 Sep 1952 Sep 1955 51-2695, CP-4/OT-CAD, 12695/BW-E "Elmer" (Norwegian Air Force), crashed on landing on 6 Dec 1968
CP-5 10685 Sep 1952 Sep 1955 51-2696, CP-5/OT-CAE, 51-2696, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-11/OT-CAK
CP-6 10686 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2697, CP-6/OT-CAF, 51-2697, 2697/BW-A "Anton" Norwegian Air Force, 51-2697, stored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ307, Scrapped 1976(?).
CP-7 10687 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2698, CP-7/OT-CAG, 51-2698, 12698/BW-F "Fiimbeck" (Norwegian AF), 51-2698, stored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ302, scrapped 1976
CP-8 10688 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2699, CP-8/OT-CAH, 51-2699, 12699/BW-D "Donald" (Norwegian Air Force, 51-2699, stored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ304, scrapped in 1976
CP-9 10689 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2700, CP-9/OT-CAI, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-9/ OT-CAI
CP-10 10690 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2701, CP-10/OT-CAJ, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-10/OT-CAJ
CP-11 (1) 10691 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2702, CP-11/OT-CAK, 51-2702, 12702/BW-H "Hiawatha" (Norwegian Air Force), 51-2702, stored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ308, scrapped in 1976
CP-12 10692 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2703, CP-12/OT-CAL, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-12/OT-CAL
CP-13 10693 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2704, CP-13/OT-CAM, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-13/OT-CAM
CP-14 (1) 10694 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2705, CP-14/OT-CAN, 51-2705, 2705/BW-G "Goofey" (Norwegian Air Force), 51-2705, tored at MASDC (Davies Monthan AFB - USA) as CJ306, scrapped in 1976
CP-15 10695 Oct 1952 Sep 1955 51-2706, CP-15/OT-CAO, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-15/OT-CAO
CP-16 10696 Nov 1952 Sep 1955 51-2707, CP-16/OT-CAP, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-16/OT-CAP
- CP-17 10679 Nov 1952 Sep 1955 51-2690, CP-17/OT-CAQ, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-17/OT-CAQ
CP-18 10680 Dec 1952 Sep 1955 51-2691, CP-18/OT-CAR, upgraded to "G" standards as CP-18/OT-CAR
CP-xx - - - Delivery of the first still unmarked C-119F Flying Boxcar to the Belgian Air Force at Melsbroek airbase on 24 September 1952.

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