Douglas DC-6A/C Liftmaster

Douglas DC-6C  KY-3

Douglas DC-6A/C Liftmaster

Four engine transport/passenger aircraft

Due to the expansion of pilot training at Kamina (Belgian Congo) an urgent need arose for large passenger transport capacity. In 1958, two new DC-6A aircraft were purchased from the manufacturer Douglas which were joined in 1960 by two former Sabena DC-6Cs. All aircraft were operated by the Melsbroek based 21st Squadron of the 15th Transport Wing. In 1976 the four aircraft were sold to a French company. KY-2 is still operational with a freight company in Florida, while KY-1 is still to be found as a derelict restaurant at Bogor in Indonesia.


Type Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
DC-6A KY-1 45458 May 1958 Jul 1976 KY-1/OT-CDA, (OO-SMR lease to Sabena), KY-1/OT-CDA, F-BYCG, N37778, PK-BAX, derelict restaurant at Bogor, Indonesia.
DC-6A KY-2 45518 Jun 1958 Jul 1976 (N7820C), KY-2/OT-CDB, F-BYCH, YV-293C, N870TA, N170UA.
DC-6C KY-3 44420 Okt 1960 Feb 1976 OO-CTO, KY-3/OTCDC, OO-CTO (Lease to Sabena), KY-3/OT-CDC, F-BYCI, N4860M, PK-BAY.
DC-6C KY-4 44421 Oct 1960 Feb 1976 OO-CTP, KY-4/OT-CDF, OO-CTP (lease to Sabena), KY-4/OT-CDF, F-BYCJ, N844TA (crashed Bimini sea)
Unidentified Belgian Air Force DC-6 at Melsbroek airbase


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