Dornier Do27J-1 D04




Dornier Do27J-1

Single engine communications- and general purpose aircraft


In 1960, twelve Dornier Do 27J-1 single engine aircraft were acquired by the Light Aviation branch of the Belgian Army as a 6 seat communications base hack and to provide a platform for free fall parachute training. On 25 March 1977 the Light Aviation made the last Dornier Do 27 flight. Many of these aircraft then started a second life abroad.



Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
D-1 2057 Oct 1960 Mar 1977 D-9504, D1, OL-D01, (OT-AMA), D-EGVB, "D-EYLE" monument at Oberpfaffenhousen (D.) (currently removed from display)
D-2 2058 Oct 1960 Mar 1977 D-9505, D2, OL-DO2, D-02, (OT-AMB), Technical School Saffraanberg - instructional airframe, Brasschaat - instructional airframe, Bierset intended as gate guardian, stored in private ownership.
D-3 2059 Oct 1960 Mar 1977 D-9506, D3, OL-D03, D-03, (OT-AMC) D-EGVC
D-4 2101 Sep 1961 Mar 1975 D4, OL-D04, D-04, (OT_AMD), accident at Brasschaat on 25 Mar 1975, Royal Army Museum.
D-5 2102 Sep 1961 Mar 1977 D5, OL-D05, D-05, (OT-AME), D-EGVF, MAAW-11 (Malawi Army Air Wing), G-BMII, HC-BNK (Do 27A-4)
D-6 2103 Sep 1961 Mar 1977 D6, OL-D06, D-06, (OT-AMF), D-EGVG, MAAW-12 (Malawi Army Air Wing)
D-7 2104 Sep 1961 May 1962 D7, Crashed at Köln-Niehl (D.) on 21 May 1962. Instructional airframe at Bützweilerhof, scrapped.
D-8 2105 Sep 1961 Mar 1977 D8, OL-D08, D-08, OT-AMG),  D-EGVH, MAAW-13  (Malawi Army Air Wing)
D-9 2106 Sep 1961 Mar 1977 D9, OL-D09, D-09, D-EGVN, 7P-AAX, PMU-27 (Lesotho), registered G-BNVX, D-EGVN
D-10 2107 Sep 1961 Mar 1977 D10, OL-D10, D-10, D-EGVO, MAAW-14 (Malawi Army Air Wing), G-BMIJ, HC-BNL (Ecuador), crashed at Numbiami on 23 Mar 1990
D-11 2108 Sep 1961 Mar 1977 D11, OL-D11, D-11, (OT-AMK), D-EGVP, MAAW-15  (Malawi Army Air Wing), G-BMIK, HC-BPU (Ecuador)
D-12 2109 Zep 1961 1976 D12, OL-D12, D-12, D-EGVQ, MAAW-16 (Malawi Army Air Wing), D-EFSC

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