De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth

De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth T-2

De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth

Single engine two-seat elementary trainer

Immediately after World War II the Belgian Government acquired 31 De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth elementary trainers from RAF stocks. Several of these aircraft (later to become T-1 till T-17) already were used by the Belgian Training School (RAF) at Snailwell in the U.K.. When the Elementary Training School (EVS/EPE) was created at Schaffen/Diest and equipped with these Tiger Moths  the school was one of the first post war units of the then called Belgisch Militaire Vliegwezen/Aviation Militaire Belge (becoming Belgian Air Force on 15 January 1949). When, in July 1950 the Elementary Training School moved to Goetsenhoven, the Tiger Moth was already being gradually replaced by the Stampe SV.4B. Some aircraft remained operational at the Officers School at Nivelles while some continued as glider tugs for what was to become the Belgian Air Cadets, but by 1956/57 all remaining Tigers were sold on the civilian market.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
T-1 85873 Feb 1945 Jan 1957 DF124 (RAF), ETA-1, T-1, OO-EVA, used as spre part resource to keep OO-EVE (ex T-25) airworthy
T-2 85873 Feb 1945 Aug 1956 DF152 (RAF), ETA-2, T-2, fatal crash at Casteau on 05 Aug 1956
T-3 86369 Feb 1945 Jul 1956 NL926 (RAF),  T-3, crash at Casteau on 27 Jul 1956
T-4 86377 Feb 1945 Aug 1954 NL934 (RAF), ETA-4, T-4, crash at Wevelgem on 23 Aug 1954
T-5 86359 Feb 1945 Apr 1952 NL916 (RAF), ETA-5, T-5, crashed at Gentbrugge/Achterdries on 28 Apr 1952
T-6 86376 Feb 1945 Aug 1951 NL933 (RAF), T-6, crashed at Nivelles on 15 Aug 1951.
T-7 85915 Feb 1945 Aug 1955 DF179 (RAF), ETA-7, T-7, written off in an accident on 5 Aug 1955.
T-8 85934 Feb 1945 Mar 1956 DF198 (RAF), ETA-8, T-8, OO-EVB, G-BBRB as DF198 (West Wickham, U.K.)
T-9 85900 Feb 1945 Mar 1956 DF151 (RAF), T-9, OO-EVK, crashed at Temploux on 27 May 1960.
T-10 86375 Feb 1945 Oct 1947 NL932 (RAF), T-10, damaged on 22 Oct 1947, instructional airframe Technical School Tongeren
T-11 86404 Feb 1945 Jun 1950 NL972 (RAF), ETA-11, T-11, crashed at Nivelles on 6 Jun 1950 after hitting high tension cables at dusk.
(T-12) 85690 Feb 1945 Mar 1946 DE-776 (RAF), (ETA-12), crashed on 9 Mar 1946 at Werchter on ferry flight from Bottisham (U.K.) to Schaffen
T-13 85914 Feb 1945 Mar 1956 DF178 (RAF), ETA-13, T-13, OO-EVF, crashed at Bleid on 19 Nov 1959
T-14 85944 Feb 1945 Dec 1953 DF208 (RAF), ETA-14, T-14, crash Wevelgem (Oostrozebeke) on 3 Dec 1953
T-15 86338 Feb 1945 Mar 1956 NL891 (RAGF), ETA-15, T-15, OO-EVG, N3744N (Loveland CO, USA), Kalamazoo, MI, USA
T-16 85426 Jan 1946 Nov 1952 DE418 (RAF), ETA-16, T-16, crashed at Nivelles  on 26 Nov 1952
T-17 85651 Jan 1946 Mar 1956 DE721 (RAF), ETA-17, T-17, OO-EVC, crashed at Brasschaat in Oct 1963
T-18 86502 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 NM194 (RAF), T-18, OO-EVL, crashed at Genk/Zwartberg on 9 Apr 1961
T-19 86507 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 NM199 (RAF), ETA-19, T-19, OO-EVM, Royal Army Museum, Salis Collection La Ferté Alais (F.) as "Aviatic" (F-AZDH ?)
T-20 85937 Mar 1946 1952 DF201 (RAF), ETA-20, T-20, written of in accident on 17 Jul 1948, Instructional airframe at Technical School at Tongeren.
T-21 86515 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 NM207 (RAF), ETA-21, T-21, OO-EVP, Royal Army Museum, N3744, Allen R Rohrstaff, Kalamazoo, MI. (USA)
T-22 86517 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 NM209 (RAF), ETA-22, T-22, OO-EVD, crashed at Temploux on 23 Oct 1957
T-23 85948 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 DF212 (RAF), ETA-23, T-23, OO-EVW,crashed at Aalst on 21 Apr 1062
T-24 86523 Mar 1946 Dec 1954 PG614 (RAF), ETA-24, T-24 "UR-!", crashed on 11 Dec 1954, location unknown.  Pic of OO-SOI painted as "T-24 UR-!" at Musée Col Avi R. Lallemand at Florennes
T-25 85953 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 EM722 (RAF), ETA-25, T-25, OO-EVE (Schaffen/Diest)
T-26 85975 Mar 1946 Sep 1956 EM744 (RAF), T-26, fate unknown
T-27 85832 Mar 1946 Mar 1956 DE972 (RAF), T-27, OO-EVH, Royal Army Museum
storage Vissenaken->Landen
T-28 85969 Apr 1946 Mar 1956 EM738 (RAF), ETA-28, T-28, OO-EVI, crashed at Baudour on 1 May 1958
T-29 82712 Apr 1946 May 1956 R4771 (RAF), T-29, OO-EVJ, G-BWMS (Early Birds, Nl.)
T-30 85884 Apr 1946 Jan 1948 DF135 (RAF), ETA-30, T-30, written off after accident on 19 Jan 1948
T-31 85875 Jun 1947 Aug 1956 DF126 (RAF), T-31, OO-EVR, crashed at Gosselies in 1964
  De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (ex RAF T7238 ex OO-SOI) painted to represent Belgian Air Force T-24/UR-! at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels - now preserved at Florennes airbase

Pictures taken by Yves Duwelz in 2002 -2004
Da Havilland Tiger Moth T6534 De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth "T6534" on public viewing at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels

Pictures taken by Yves Duwelz on 13/05/2006



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