De Havilland DH.104 Dove

 De Havilland DH.104 Dove

Twin engined 8 seat communications aircraft

 On In order to replace the obsolete Airspeed Oxford and Consul communications aircraft of the Force Pulique/Weermacht twelve 8-seat De Havilland DH.104 Doves were acquired in 1949. Up to the independence of Congo these machines were successfully used by the Force Pulique/Weermacht after which most of them had a much moved post colonial career in the hands of the local forces.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
D-10 (Dove 2) 04252 Oct 1949 Apr 1957 D-10, OO-CGG, written off in accident at N'Dolo/Leopoldstad/ville (now Kinshasa) on 8 Apr 1957
D-11 (Dove 2) 04080 Feb 1950 Jul 1960 OO-CGG, D-11/OT-CFK, KAT-11 (Katanga), written off in Aug 1961
D-12 (Dove 1B) 04054 Jun 1950 Oct 1958 G-AJZU, OO-CFC, D-12 , Fatal crash on 7 Oct 1958 at Nialamgira (Congo)
D-14 (Dove 1B) 04367 Oct 1952 Jul 1960 D-14/OT-CFM, K-14, KAT-14 (Katanga), K-14 (FAC) destroyed at Elisabethville in Aug 1961.
D-15 (Dove 1B) 04442 Oct 1953 Jul 1960 D-15/OT-CFN, Kat-15, KA-T15 (Katanga), KA-TDA (Katanga), 9Q-COB (Congo Government), possibly to FAC
D-16 (Dove 1B) 04443 Nov 1953 Jul 1960 D-16/OT-CFP, destroyed at Ndjili in Jul 1960
D-17 (Dove 1B) 04447 Feb 1954 Jul 1960 D-17/OT-CFQ, KAT-17 (Katanga), w/o Aug 61, Elisabethville.
D-18 (Dove 1B) 04154 Jul 1952 Jul 1960 VP-YHV "Hoopoe", D-18/OT-CFR, KAT-18 (Katanga), FAC
- D-19 (Dove 1B) 04013 May 1956 Jul 1960 OO-AWE (cartografie), D-19/OT-CFS, KAT-19 (Katanga), FAC
D-20 (Dove 1 > 5) 04103 May 1956 Jul 1960 OO-CFE (cartografy), D-20/OT-CFT, K-20 (Katanga), destroyed in accident at Manone on 31 Jan 1961.
D-21 (Dove 5) 04506 Nov 1959 Jul 1960 D-21, Abandoned engineless at Ndjili, Used by FAC (?)
D-22 (Dove 5) 04507 Nov 1959 Jul 1960 D-22, KAT-22, KA-T22 (Katanga), to FAC,  withdrawn from use at Angola 1963.


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