Britten Norman BN2A/B-21 Islander

Britten Norman Islander B-07 landing at Brasschaat




Britten Norman (Pilatus) BN2A/B-21 Islander

Twin-engine eight-seat communications aircraft


Already in 1973 the Belgian Army started looking for a replacement for the Dornier Do27 and in 1975 it was decided to purchase 12 Britten Norman BN2A-21 Islanders. The contract was signed on November 19th, 1975 and was valued at 139 million Bfr/aircraft.

The aircraft were build at Fairey, Gosselies and completed at Bembridge (Isle of Wight, UK). Aircraft B-01 to B-05 were used for transport and liaison missions, B-06 to B-08 for paradrops while the remaining Islanders were mainly used for reconnaissance missions. During their careers the aircraft were converted from BN2A-21 to BN2B-21 standards.

One aircraft (B-02) was equipped with a SLAR (Side Looking Airborne Radar), infra-red and UV sensors for the detection of marine pollution by ships in the North Sea. The last Islanders were withdrawn from military service in late 2004. In 2005 two aircraft (the already modified B-02 and B-09 as spares source) were reserved for the Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models, the operational aircraft is now operated under a Belgian civil registration. In early 2006 all remaining aircraft were offered for sale to the highest bidder.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
B-01 466 G May 1976  Jul 2005 G-BDJA, B-01/OT-ALA, Stored at SLV Brasschaat, 3X-GEF
B-02 468 G May 1976 Mar 2005 G-BDHG, B-02/OT-ALB, special equipment (SLAR, IR, UV) for maritime pollution control, Transferred to BMM as OO-MMM
B-03 476 G Jun 1976 Feb 2003 G-BDJV, B-03/OT-ALC, (AW/IFF Radar nose), stored at SLV Brasschaat after crash landing at Brasschaat on 14 Feb 2003, G-BDJV, AP-BJJ (Pakistan)
B-04 498 G Jul 1976 Jun 2004 G-BDPN, B-04/OT-ALD, (AW/IFF Radar nose), stored at SLV Brasschaat, G-BDPN, G-EZCA, N958KM
B-05 501 G Jul 1976 Nov 1988 G-BDPP, B-05/OT-ALE, damaged in fire at Butzweilerhof (D.) on 23 Nov 1988, Royal Techn. School Saffraanberg, Stored at Bierset, stored at PS Aero Baarlo, ...
B-06 510 G Aug 1976 Nov 1988 G-BDPU, B-06/OT-ALF, damaged in fire at Butzweilerhof (D.) on 23 Nov 1988, on public display at Royal Army Museum Brussels.
B-07 523 G Sep 1976 Jul 2003 G-BDVX, B-07/OT-ALG, Stored at SLV Brasschaat, G-BDVX, G-OBNL, D-ISLE (Air Hamburg), OY-FHA (CAE Aviation) operated by Danish Air Force Home Guard
B-08 531 G Oct 1976 Aug 2005 G-BDZI, B-08/OT-ALH, Stored at SLV Brasschaat, G-BDZI, 6C-LDC (Bahamas), OY-FHB (CAE Aviation) operated by Danish Air Force Home Guard
B-09 533 G Nov 1976 2005 G-BDZK, B-09/OT-ALI, (AW/IFF Radar nose), to Britten Norman as spare part source to upgrade and modify B-2 into OO-MMM, G-BDZK, N21BN.
B-10 541 G Dec 1976 2005 G-BEDW, B-10/OT-ALJ, (AW/IFF Radar nose), Stored at SLV Brasschaat, G-BEDW, G-JPEG
B-11 549 G Jan 1977 2003 G-BEED, B-11/OT-ALK, Gate Guardian at Bierset, Kwartier Noord.
B-12 553 G Feb 1977 May 2004 G-BAFI, B-12/OT-ALL, Stored SLV Brasschaat, G-BEFI, OY-CSK
Islanders for sale at Brasschaat in February 2006 - Belgian Wings Special feature "Islanders For Sale"



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