Boeing 727-29QC

Boeing 727-29QC CB-01

Boeing 727-29QC

Three engined passenger and freight aircraft

At the end of 1975 the Belgian Government acquired two Boeing 727-29QC airliners from the national airline company Sabena. Both aircraft were to replace 4 Douglas DC-6B's operational with n 21 Squadron based at Melsbroek. Although modern for their time both 727 were always somewhat short legged and had to make several refuelling stops to fly to the USA. To overcome this shortcoming both 727's were replaced by two Airbus A310's in 1998.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
CB-01 19402 Mar 1976 1998 OO-STB, CB-01, OO-STB (leased to Sabena), CB-01, N70PA, D2-EVG
CB-02 19403 Apr 1976 1998 OO-STD, CB-02, D2-EVD


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