Avro Anson C.1

Avro Anson I NA6 - OT-ZCC

Avro Anson C.1

 Twin engined training and communications aircraft and light transport.

On January 16th 1947 the Belgian government ordered 11 Avro Anson I and two Avro Anson XII light transport aircraft through "Command paper 7039" (together with some other aircraft types). In contrary of the contemporarily Airspeed Oxford the Anson was only used by the 169th/15th Transport Wing based at Evere and later  Melsbroek and the 7th Wing at Chièvres. In 1954 the obsolete Ansons were replaced by the Percival Pembroke and the remaining aircraft were scrapped.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
NA-3 - May 1947 Apr 1954 EG208 (RAF), NA-3/ZC-E, NA-3/OT-ZCA.
NA-4 - May 1947 Mar 1955 EG268 (RAF), NA-4.
NA-5 - May 1947 Jun 1955 DG773 (RAF), NA-5/OT-ZCB.
NA-6 - May 1947 Sep 1954 NK619 (RAF), NA-6/ZC-F, NA-6/OT-ZCC.
NA-7 - May 1947 1953 LT-605 (RAF) NA-7.
NA-8 - May 1947 Sep 1954 NK639 (RAF), NA-8/ZC-I.
NA-9 - May 1947 Sep 1954 N5218 (RAF), NA-9.
NA-10 Dec 1947  Dec 1948 LT126 (RAF), NA-10, rejected by Sabca after delivery.
NA-11 - Jun 1947 Dec 1948 R9605 (RAF), NA-11, accident at Brustem on 27 Jan 1948.
NA-12 - Jun 1947 Sep 1954 N5028 (RAF), NA-12/ZC-Q
NA-13 - Jul 1947 Feb 1955 NK792 (RAF), NA-13/ZC-R, NA-13/OT-ZCG.

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