Auster (Taylorcraft) A.O.P. 6



Auster (Taylorcraft) A.O.P. 6

Single engine two seat light communications- and observation aircraft

In 1947 the first of 22 Austers ordered to equip an observation squadron, 369 Squadron at Brasschaat, were delivered. As this base was still under construction the aircraft were at first stored at Wevelgem and a some were used for training at Schaffen (Diest).  In 1952 the first Piper Super Cubs were delivered that replaced the Austers. However it took until 1955 before the unit (redesignated 15 Squadron Light Aviation) would stop operating the Austers. A few aircraft remained active with N 42 Squadron at Wahn (Germany) until 1956-1957 and one single aircraft with 1 Wing at Beauvechain until 1958.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
A-1 2816 Aug 1947 Mar 1955 VT977 (RAF), A-1, equipped with oblique cameras, crashed at Wahn (D.) on 23 Mar 1955
A-2 2823 Aug 1947 Dec 1958

VT984 (RAF), A-2, equipped with oblique cameras, equipped to tow gliders, South-Pole Expedition, 05 Dec 1958 Crashed at Mount Begica (Antarctica)

A-3 2818 Aug 1947 Dec 1957 VT979 (RAF), A-3, Equipped with oblique cameras, OO-FDA, to Royal Army Museum (stored Vissenaken)
A-4 2819 Agg 1947 Jun 1954 VT980 (RAF), A-4, crashed at Ophasselt on 29 Jun 1954.
A-5 2815 Aug 1947 Jan 1953 VT976 (RAF), A-5, Fatal crash at Haccourt (Oupeye) on 13 Jan 1953
A-6 2822 Aug 1947 Dec 1953 VT983 (RAF), A-6, Crashed at Brasschaat on 18 Dec 1953.
A-7 2820 Aug 1947 Dec 1957 VT981 (RAF), A-7, equipped to tow gliders, OO-FDB, to Royal Army Museum (stored Vissenaken)
A-8 2824 Aug 1947 Dec 1957 VT988 (RAF), A-8, OO-FDC, to Royal Army Museum (wreck stored at Vissenaken).
A-9 2817 Aug 1947 Dec 1957 VT978 (RAF), A-9, OO-FDD, to Royal Army Museum (wreck stored at Vissenaken).
A-10 2828 Sep 1947 Dec 1950 VT989 (RAF), A-10, crashed at Etterbeek after mid-air collision with A-19 on 4 Dec 1950.
A-11 2826 Oct 1947 Dec 1957 VT990 (RAF), A-11, OO-FDE, Royal Army Museum, Brussels
A-12 2827 Oct 1947 Dec 1957 VT991 (RAF), A-12, OO-FDF, crashed at Virton on 27 May 1962.
A-13 2825 Oct 1947 Dec 1957 VT986 (RAF), A-13,OO-FDG, crashed at Gent at on 12 May 1962
A-14 2830 Oct 1947 Jan 1957 VT987 (RAF), A-14, G-BKXP, being restaured.
A-15 2834 Nov 1947 Dec 1957 VT995 (RAF), equipped to tow gliders, OO-FDH, To Royal Army Museum, Gate Guardian at Brasschaat as "A-16", restored with parts of A-22, Gate Guardian Bierset. Stored 'Artillerymuseum Gunfire', Brasschaat.
A-16 2835 Nov 1947 Dec 1957 VT996 (RAF), A-16, equipped to tow gliders, OO-FDI, Royal Army Museum as A-16, exchanged with museum at Kbely (Czech Republic)
- A-17 2832 Nov 1947 Dec 1957 VT993 (RAF), A-17,  equipped to tow gliders, OO-FDJ, to Royal Army Museum (wreck stored at Vissenaken).
A-18 2831 Nov 1947 Dec 1957 VT992 (RAF), A-18, OO-FDK, to Royal Army Museum (wreck stored at Vissenaken).
A-19 2924 Dec 1947 Dec 1950 VT985 (RAF), A-19,  crashed at Etterbeek after mid-air collision with A-10 on 4 Dec 1950.
A-20 2833 Dec 1947 Mar 1957 VT994 (RAF), A-20, spare part source for restauration of A-14/G-BKXB.
A-21 2821 Jan 1948 Jul 1957 VT982 (RAF), A-21, OO-OVL, crashed at Temploux on 27 May 1960.
A-22 2836 Nov 1947 Dec 1957 VT997 (RAF), A-22, OO-FDL, to Royal Army Museum, stored Vissenaken, spare part source for restauration A-15 gate guard Bierset.




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