Airspeed Oxford C.1  FP/OW

Airspeed Oxford A-26

Airspeed Oxford C.1

Twin-engined communications- and medevac aircraft

Six Airspeed/Plymouth build Oxford C.1 communications aircraft were acquired by the Belgian Government in exile from the British Air Ministry during the Second World War for use in Belgian Congo. From July 1944 onwards these aircraft were assembled at Leopoldstad/-ville and taken on charge by the Openbare Weermacht/Force Publique to replace the ageing Fokker F.VII aircraft. One aircraft (A-25) was specifically equipped for crop spraying while another one (A-26) was equipped with camera for geographical duties. By 1955 all Force Publique/Openbare Weermacht Oxfords were replace by De Havilland Doves.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
A-21 - Jun 1944 1955 ... (RAF), A-21, to the Ecole Professionnelle at Kamina for instructional purposes.
- A-22 - Jun 1944 1955 ... (RAF), A-22
A-23 - Jun 1944 1955 ... (RAF), A-23
- A-24 - Jun 1944 1955 ... (RAF), A-24
A-25 - Jun 1944 1955 ... (RAF), A-25, equipped for crop spraying
A-26 - Jun 1944 1955 ... (RAF), A-26, camera equipped for geographical survey
NM464 - June 1944 1955 NM464, future FP/OW not known
 The following RAF serials of these aircraft are known but without a tie-up to the actual machines: LX528, NM447, NM450, NM464, NM466 and NM467

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