Airspeed AS.65 Consul


Airspeed Consul C-36

Airspeed AS.65 Consul

Twin-engined communications- and medical evacuation aircraft

After the very positive experience with the Airspeed Oxford delivered during the Second World War, the Force Publique/Openbare Weermacht decided to reinforce its Oxford fleet with some Airspeed Consuls. Because these aircraft were equipped with a large freight door they could easily transport stretchers and were mainly used for medical evacuation flights.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
C-31 5190 1948 Aug 1955 C-31, ZS-DNJ of Natal Airlines, crashed at Matatule on 8 May 1956
C-32 5178 Dec 1948 Aug 1955 NM593 Oxford c/n 3741, converted to Consul G-AKCV, C-32, ZS-DNM
C-33 5189 Dec 1948 Aug 1955 C-33, became ZS-DNK of Natal Airlines, scrapped in Sep 1959.
C-34 5133 Mar 1949 Au 1955 X6859 "149" Oxford c/n 230, converted to Consul G-AJLO, C-34, ZS-DNL Natal Airlines, scrapped Oct 1958.
C-35 5191 1949 1954 C-35, stricken off charge
C-36 5193 1949 1955 C-36, stricken off charge


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