RSV 32-90 & variants



RSV 32-90 R11


The RSV 32 series of aircraft was the first successful totally Belgian design from the Renard, Stampe and Vertongen-team.

41 RSV were delivered to the Aéronautique Militaire between 1923 and 1933 and according to the powerplant used, the designation changed;

RSV 32-90 (Anzani 90hp), RSV 32-100 (Renard 100hp), RSV 32-110 (Lorraine 110hp), RSV 32-120 (Gipsy 120hp or Renard 120hp).

N° R 11 depicted on the above photograph is an RSV 32-90 operated by the flying school at Wevelgem.

J.R. Van Holleweghen Collection.


RSV 32-90 3 Squadron


An unexpected field landing stopped by a fence for R-9 of the 3rd observation squadron. (This was most probably the "squadron-hack" for this Breguet XIX equipped unit)

Guy Van de Merckt Collection.


RSV 32-110 Lorraine


RSV 32-110 n° R-13 was powered by a 110 hp Lorraine engine, which was reflected in its designation.

This particular machine was used by 1/I/3Aé proudly wearing the squadron's Dragon badge.

Mike terlinden Collection


RSV 32/90


Anzani powered RSV 32/90 R-4.

Artwork Daniel Brackx


Renard Stampe Vertongen RSV 32/90 R-6


AéM Renard Stampe Vertongen RSV 32/90 R-6 of the Wevelgem based Flying School . 


 RSV 32/90 R-10


RSV 32/90 R-10 sporting the "Cocotte Rouge" of Squadron 5/II/2 Aé (later 3/II/2 Aé) at Nivelles airfield where it most probably

served as Squadron "hack".




Read more on the RSV 32/90 in this Fond National Alfred Renard (FNAR) document (French) by Jean-Pierre De Cock (pdf.)




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