Morane Saulnier MS.30.E1 (Type AI)


Morane MS.30 (Type AI)


In 1918 three MS.30E's were supplied to the Aviation Militaire including this one seen at Moerkerke airfield serving with the 1st Squadron.

Guy Van de Merckt Collection


Morane MS.30 (Type AI)


Pilot Kervijn de Lettenhove seen in front of his 9th Squadron MS.30 during the meeting of Dubendorf in 1919.

Jef Palmers Collection


Morane Saulnier MS.30.E1


Morane Saulnier MS.30.E1 (Type AI) at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics.

Guy Destrebecq Collection



Morane Saulnier MS.30.E1 (Type AI) sporting a Cocotte Rouge (red Cocotte)













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