Fokker FVIIb

Fokker FVIIb n° F-1 was delivered to the Aéronautique Militaire in 1932 and although normally based at Evere, it was mostly used at Bierset where it formed the nucleus of a night-bombardement squadron which in the event never materialized.

Ewald Delbaere Collection

Early 1934 two more Fokker FVIIb's were taken over by the Aéronautique Militaire from the national airline Sabena. Both machines are readily distinguishable by their two blade propellers on the wing engines. The 3/I/3Aé Squadron badge is painted on the fuselage of F-2 represented here. In 1938 Sabena handed over four more Fokkers which recieved the serials F-4 to F-7.

Archive KLM/MRA

Fokker F.VII/3m Weermacht/Force Publique

Fokker F.VII/3m OO-AIV which was active with Sabena/Congo before the WW2. In October 1940 this machine was requisitioned by the Weermacht/Force Publique to serve alongside the British Forces in the campaign to push the Italians out of Ethiopia.

Ewald Delbaere collection.

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