Avro 504N X-6


Aéronautique Militaire Belge Avro 504N X-6 and others in one of the hangars at Wevelgem airfield in the mid thirties.

Avro 504N X-43

Avro 504N X-43 of the 2° Escadrille of the Ecole de Pilotage at Gosselies airfield in the winter 1939/1940.



Avro 504N  X-31

Avro 504N X-31 of the flying-school about to land at Wevelgem airfield in the early thrirties

Guy Van de Merckt Collection


Avro 504N  X-9

Avro 504N X-9 at Deurne airport immediately prior to the second World War.

Daniel Brackx Collection



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