Stampe & Vertongen SV-5

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 Prototype 

The SV5 prototype during manufactures trials.

Remarkable picture of the SV5 prototype taken post 1937 (due the camouflage scheme) and wearing the out-of-sequence serial S-1. The machine has still its non standard undercarriage and different nose while the original engine cowling has been replaced with the standard series production cover.

Stampe & Vertongen SV-5 S25

Stampe & Vertongen SV-5 S-25 ended up on its nose in this landing incident of 1938. 

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 S-27

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 V-27 Artwork

Having been allocated to the Ecole de Perfectionnement at Wevelgem, SV-5 S-27 later went on to serve as trainer and communications hack for a Fairey Fox squadron. In this new role the aircraft had a ground collision with Fox O-125 in the second half of the thirties.

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 S-33

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 S-33 at Wevelgem airbase in the late thrities.

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 S-39 

Stampe Vertongen SV-5 S-39 in flight  

SV-5  S41nosestans at Goetsenhoven 1937

Photo Albert Brouckmans

While fulfilling his military duty in 1937, Mr. Albert Brouckmans took this excellent picture of a slight mishap with SV-5 S41.

 Stampe & Verongen SV-5

This unidentified SV 5 is seen here at Oostende airfield in 1939 during a shooting camp. Pilot St Eloi and observer/gunner Smets.

Mike Terlinden Collection (VIII/44/13) 


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