Renard R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III






Renard (Stampe - Vertongen) R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III

Single engine, two seat night-flying trainer.


   In 1929, after having previously acquired eleven R.S.V. 26/180 trainers (which see), the Aéronautique Militaire Belge placed an order for 14 more aircraft of this type. The machines subject of this order were specialised night-flying trainers and therefore equiped with a blind-flying hood over the forward pilot seat.  Although ancestry to the initial RSV 26/180 is clearly evident, the additional aircraft had been extensively improved by Chief Engineer George W. Ivanov. Readily noticeable is the Morane Saulnier style wide main undercarriage, a Hispano 180hp motor with its new radiator behind the engine, besides the already mentioned blind flying hood and new central "N" struts. The extend of modifications to the 19 aircraft of this additional order justified the specific designation R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III, while they were attributed the registrations V-12 to V-30 - including 5 more aircraft ordered in 1930(2) and 1931(3). These additional aircraft were destined to receive the then new AéM standard power plant the 215 hp radial Armstrong Siddeley Lynx in order to compete for an AéM requirement for a new basic trainer. However Stampe and Vertongen’s hopes for a large additional order of the basic trainer version of the RSV 26/180 quickly faded away, when the AéM selected the Avro 504N as its elementary trainer in 1932. Only one example of the Lynx powered R.S.V. 26 was flown, being designated S.V. 26/215 or S.V. 26 Lynx. According to Renard specialist André Hauet some of the 14 initial production R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III’s were reworked aircraft of the initial 11 R.S.V. 26/180 series. The MK.III’s soldiered on until early 1936 when they were replaced by the S.V. 5 (ordered in 1935). Ten R.S.V. 26/180 Mk.III were sold to civil operators and continued flying until World War II.  In the late thirties at least two MK.III’s were noted with a scrap dealer at the Chausée de Dinant, 81A at Anhée.   (Daniel Brackx)

Picture  Registration C/N Date In Date Out History
V-12 - 1929 1935 V-12, Pilot School Wevelgem
V-13 - 1929 1935 V-13, Pilot School Wevelgem
V-18 - 1930 1935 V-18, Pilot School Wevelgem
V-24 3013 1930 1935 V-24, Pilot School Wevelgem

The R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III prototype at Deurne airport in 1929.

Two former AéM R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III's on a scrap dealer's yard at Anhée.






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