Morane MS230-MS236


Morane MS236 M-17




 Morane MS230 / MS336

Single engine two-seat aerobatic trainer and communications aircraft

In the early thirties the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire was in need of an aircraft for advanced pilot training which excelled in aerobatics. For this purpose 5 or 6 (according to the sources) French Morane Saulnier MS230 trainers were acquired in 1931. Having  been quite satisfied with this machine the Belgian Government ordered 19 more Moranes which were powered by a Armstrong Siddeley Lynx 4c engine of 215 HP (slightly less than the 230 HP Salmson 9ABb engine of the MS230). These aircraft were identified as MS236 and were constructed by Sabca in Belgium. The engine change was introduced for the sake of commonality as the 215 HP Lynx was already powering such AéM aircraft types as the SV22, SV26, RSV 22/215, Avro 626 Prefect, while the Avro 504N used the very simular but less powerful Lynx of 160 HP. Most Moranes were used by the Ecole de Pilotage at Wevelgem (Penguin) but at the eve of World War II many of the Morane MS 236 (the MS230 was already withdrawn from use from 1937 onwards) served as Squadron communications aircraft. (D. Brackx)

Picture   Belgian Serial Date In Date Out History
M-1 (MS230) 1931 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin)
M-2 (MS230) 1931 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin)
M-3 (MS230) 1931 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin), 9/V/1 (Sioux)
M-4 (MS236) 1932 June 1936 Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin), 4/II/2Aé (White Cocotte)
M-6 (MS236) 1932 May 1940 1/I/1Aé (Mew),  3/II/1Aé (Holy Leaf), at Zwevezele for repairsduring the German invasion in May 1940
M-7 (MS236) 1932 1939    7/IV/1Aé (Mephisto), Crashed at Bierset in 1939 (repaired ?)
M-9 (MS236) 1932 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin)
M-12 (MS236) 1932/33 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin), 1/I/1Aé (Mew)
M-13 (MS236) 1932/33 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin)
M-15 (MS236) 1932/33 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin), 3/II/1Aé (Holy Leaf)
M-16 (MS236) 1932/33 - Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin), Ecole d'Aéronautique (Cacatoe)
M-17 (MS236) 1932/33 May 1940 4/II/2Aé (White Cocotte), Destroyed in German bombing raid on Nivelles on 10 May 1940.
M-19 (MS236) 1933 May 1939 Ecole de Perfectionnement (Penguin), 4/II/2Aé (White Cocotte), Crashed at Mostreux on 4 May 1939.





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