L.V.G. C.VI 8922/18


"Butin de Guerre" L.V.G. C.VI 8922/18 at the time it was still administered by the Aviation Militaire at Evere airfield.


LVG C.VI  n 8939/18


King Albert I aboard LVG C.VI  n 8939/18 for a trip to Paris. The use of a "German" aircraft by the King provoked some criticism.


L.V.G. VI 8949/18


L.V.G. VI 8949/18 of the Aviation Militaire Belge at Evere airfield in 1920.




At least three (and possibly more) LVG C.VI's were obtained by the Aviation Militaire as "butin de geurre" and used operationally.

This unidentified example is seen at Evere airfield in 1920.




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