De Havilland DH.9



De Havilland DH.9 D-32




  De Havilland DH.9

Singel engine twin-seat obsevation aircraft and light bomber.

 Immediately after the First World War, De Havilland supplied at least 20 DH.9’s to the Aviation Militaire Belge. In the period 1922-23 Sabca produced another 30 aircraft for the military. Precise details on the exact number of aircraft supplied to Belgium or constructed under license by Sabca is still subject of discussions but registrations up to D-101 have been noted on available photographic material. Many sources talk about 103 DH.9’s used by the Belgian military. De Havilland DH.9’s were used by the N° 1 (Mephisto), N° 4 (Zebra), N° 5 (Swallow), N° 6 (Bee in 1924) and N° 7 (Mephisto after 1926) Observation Squadrons - N°s 9 and 11 Bomber Squadrons and the Flying School of Wevelgem (Penguin). Most De Havilland DH.9 aircraft were withdrawn from service by the early thirties.  On June 2nd, 1928 DH.9 D-32 flown by Adjudant Crooy and Sergeant Groenen made the history books by achieving a duration record of 60hrs 1 min 30 secs. This was achieved by in-flight refueling from another DH.9 serving as aerial tanker.(D. Brackx)

Picture  Serial Date In Date Out History
D-2  - - F1227 (RFC) D-2, 5/I (Swallow)
D-11 - - 7/II/1Aé (Mephisto)
D-13 - Sep 1930  D-13, 8/III, 4/I (Zebra), 2/1Aé (Mew), Fatal crash on 19 Sep 1930 at Goetsenhoven
D-14 - - D-14, 1/I (Mephisto), 7/II/1Aé (Mephisto)
D-15 Jan 1922 Jul 1926 D-15, 1/I (Mephisto), III/1Aé
D-22 Feb 1923  D-22, 4/I (Zebra), Fatal crash at Hakendover on 08 Feb 1923.
D-32 - - D-32, 5/I (Swallow) , 7/II/1Aé (Mephisto), Marked "X" to set world's flight duration record on 2 Jun 1928.
D-34 - - D-34, 1/I (Mephisto), 5/I/1Aé (Swallow)
D-38 - - D-38, 1/I (Mephisto), 7/II/1Aé (Mephisto), Flying School Wevelgem
D-64 - - D-64, Flying School Wevelgem
D-79 Mar 1923 Sep 1928 D-79, fate unknown.
D-89 - - D-89, Flying School Wevelgem






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