Caudron G.III

Caudron GIII Asch 01

Caudron GIII Asch 02

Thirty-six Caudron G.III's were delivered to the Aviation Militaire between June and July 1918 at the Juvisy pilot training school.

After the war these aircraft and additional examples were used by the military school at Asch while others found there way to the civil school of Jacquet at Gosselies.

The Caudrons were equipped with either an Anzani or Rhône engine and saw service up to 1928.

Caudron GIII C30

Pilot Jean Tombal after his landing mishap with Caudron G-III C30 on 5 April 1923

Caudron G.III 4990 "Y" with Arthur Forster

Student pilot Arthur Forster poses in front of Caudron G.III 4990 "Y". Notice the inventive way of transporting a spare wheel on one of the main undercarriage struts

Caudron G.III C-19

Student Pilot Georges Vankeerbergen (31st Civil Prom) posing in front of Caudron G.III C-19 at Wevelgem airbase in 1925.


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