Bristol F.2B Fighter Type 14 (Royal)



Bristol F.2b Fighter Type 14 B-1




Bristol F.2B Fighter Type 14 (Royal Flight)

Single engine twin-seat VIP aircraft

The Bristol Fighter was first demonstrated to the Belgian authorities on May 14th, 1920 at Evere during a meeting organized by Jean Stampe, then being the Handley Page representative in Belgium. Sometime later, the Aircraft Disposal Company (ADC) offered His Majesty King Albert a Bristol F.2b Type 14 fighter fitted with a 275hp Rolls-Royce Falcon III engine. A deal was made with ADC's Mr. J.B. Richards and after being modified at Cricklewood the aircraft was ferried by air to Evere on July 23rd, 1920 by Major E. Leslie Foot. The Kings aircraft was painted overall dark green and sported a letter A and a crown in a black fuselage band. On 28 January 1922, a second F.2B reached Belgium, flown by Capt. A.F.  Muir. This aircraft was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth in a ceremony organized at  Evere airfield in March 1922. The Bristol was painted overall white and sported the letter E and a crown on a black fuselage band. Both Bristols were operated by N 6 Squadron (Bee) of the III Group based at Evere. The unit was indeed also responsible for all VIP and Royal flight. (D. Brackx)

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
L-1 - Jul 1920 -   (Possibly RAF H1639 or H1638), B-1, L1, 6/III Groupe (Bee), 7/III Groupe
L-2 - Jan 1922 -   (Possibly RAF H1639 or H1638), B-2, L-2 6/III Groupe (Bee)






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