Zeebrugge - Mole

Zeebrugge Mole Fredrichhafens


Friedrichshafen FF-33L seaplanes lined up on the Zeebrugge Mole

Marinekorps Flandern Archive


eebrugge Mole


The very important German seaplane base "Seeflugstation Flandern I" on the Mole at Zeebrugge taken at the

end of the hostilities in 1918. Most of the infrastructure has been destroyed and all of the Hansa-Brandenburg WI2 and W19

and/or  Friedrichshafen FF-33L seaplanes have left.

Mike Terlinden Collection



Position of the Zeebrugge - Mole seaplane base on a today's map. The street marked "Engelandstraat" corresponds

with the emplacement of the originale Zeebrugge harbour mole.






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