Guy Van de Merckt Collection.

Wilrijk aerodrome during the first "heavier than air" meeting, called the "Luchtvaartweek", held between 23 October and 2 November 1909.



Guy Van de Merckt Collection.



Guy Van de Merckt Collection.


Wilrijk 1920


Aerial view of the Wilrijk aerodrome taken at 12h00 on 24 June 1920 from a height of 1000 meters by the crew

Adj. Holbrechts (pilot) and observer Lt.Hansenne.


Daniel Brackx Collection




One of Belgium's earliest airfields, Wilrijk has seen a lot of activity before and during the first world war.  During the

1920 Antwerp Olympic Games the airfield hosted another very famous airshow, but when a very heavy storm destroyed

the main hangar and with it a good number of the Aviation Militaire Ansaldo A300's parked inside, the authorities decided

to abandon the site and develop a new airfield at Deurne.





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