An aerial view of the airfield of Varssenaere/Jabbeke (now spelled Varsenare) between Jabbeke and Brugge taken

on 5 July 1917 by the crew Cpt. Jaumotte (pilot) and Lt. Wouters (Observer). On August 13th 1918 the American

17th Aero Squadron was involved in a raid on this German aerodrome. This mission, which involved Sopwith

Camels coordinating a ground attack (bombing and strafing) with other RAF units, resulted in the squadron

receiving credit for destroying 14 enemy aircraft on the ground as well as seriously damaging the airfield facilities.


Mike Terlinden Collection.


Jabbeke airfield

Oberleutenant Zur See Gotthard Sachsenberg at Jabbeke airfield on 12 August 1918 in front of his flamboyant

yellow and black chequered Fokker D.VII fighter. At that time Sachsenberg was Commanding Officer of

Marine Feld Jasta 1 (MFJ 1). He was an ace with 31 victories and holder of the prestigious Order Pour le Mérite,

better known as the Blue Max, which he received only a few days earlier on 5 august 1918.


Marinekorps Flandern Archive


Jabbeke Airfield

Another picture taken at Jabbeke airfield on 12 August 1918, showing a Fokker E.V in front while Oberleutenant

Zur See Gotthard Sachsenberg's Fokker D.VII is parked in the back.


Photo Greg Vanwyngarden Collection via Marinekorps Flandern Archive






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